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Seen a wicked jumper by Giuliano Fujiwara but it's listed as being 90% Linen, 10% Nickel - will that not be a little scratchy? It looks great, but I know nothing about the effects of metallic fibres in clothes - will it lose its shape easily or hold it more/ have a longer life/ feel uncomfortable to wear etc?
This thread is hilarious just because you've got like 20 or 30 of us following your investigation so keenly
Yes or no? What does SF think? I like it and if it fits me well will probably buy either way, but I've not asked anyone for an opinion yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace ^"Playing dress up"? Just stop dude. Unless you had parents who were the same size as you as a kid, you'll know that playing dress up involves donning clothes several sizes too big, these are hanging off of him. I wasn't refferring to the formality of his clothes in regards to his age.
Quote: Originally Posted by stinger70 yeah i got one, used it on a short down jacket, 2 hoodies and some long sleeve tees. It was odd when i won it, it showed as a £5 voucher on the roulette board, but when i actually hit it with the ball 3 times it came up as £100 off! but it gave me a £5 code, so i emailed them with a screen capture of the congratulations £100 off message and they sent me the correct code. weird but im not...
Anyone else reaping the benefits of a free £100 uniqlo voucher from the lucky machine??
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 What does the painting look like? I'm only 17, so yeah, nothing amazing.
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