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Anybody in the UK interested in one of the Native print shirts in blue and orange? £130 on Selfridges website, I'll ship it to you for £80 brand new with tags, complete in original packaging. Size medium. I can atest to the quality of the fabric, I also ordered one in large and it fit's me very well.
Didn't say I was getting the neck tailored?
Hey guys, I'm 6ft 4 and 187 lbs. Neck size is 15 1/2 inches shirt size, and sleeve length is 35.5 - tall and skinny. For the navajo native shirt what size should I get? Would it be best to get an L/ XL and look at getting it tailored? On karma loop it's £45 versus £130 in shops over here, so I'm almost tempted to buy two and sell one on here in the UK. EDIT: Found the measurements on tate and yoko, can see why people are commenting on awkward diferences between sizes!...
I've had my Indigo stretch a month and they fit the same as they did when I bought them - couldn't reccomend them more to other people new to raw denim because you can just buy the size that fits you and you're ready straight away to enjoy wearing them.Go to a shop and buy the size you like the fit of best. For reference I take a 34 in most brands and went with a 33. The man at selfridges told me to get a 32 because they would stretch more than normal raw denim and...
Got these just two weeks ago and would really recommend for other people trying raw denim for the first time. Raw denim but without the hassle of shrinking or stretching. Only downside is if you're keen on having selvedge - they aren't.Got them from selfridges in London though and the service was appalling. Got given totally false advice by a sales assistant, fortunately corrected by folk on here, and they didn't remove the security tag. Went back and got them to pay the...
Buttons are plastic and ugly so intention would be to replace them with some nice plain horn buttons, but I think this'd make a nice casual jacket for summer? Material is linen.
This applies for stuff with elastaine in too? Apologies, I know I sound appallingly ignorant, I'm just cautious because this is my first pair of raw denim (value for money, but an expensive mistake if it goes wrong) and I know N&F doesn't stretch as much cause of the quality. What's more some denim I've owned in the past containing elastaine has been more hesitant to stretch, not less.
Anyone know the effect of the elastaine in super stretch jeans? It's 5%. I've had a pair for a day or so, worn them non-stop but not seeing any stretch in the thigh area yet which is where I really want it too. Any ideas on how to make it?
Will the 5% elastaine in the power stretch denim mean that it effectively holds its shape as it was when you first put it on, or will it stretch a bit more than normal denim and then remain more stretched? i.e. if I bought a pair and initially they're a bit close to looking like spray on jeans, will they remain this way or loosen up a little as with other raw denim? Or loosen more than other raw denim?
Haha ok, I'd seen it advised so much with Dior and APC I wasn't really sure.Thanks very much! I'll go check both sizes out tomorrow.
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