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Will more be added to the COS sale? small selection at the moment, nothing I hoped for on sale. Uniqlo +J Gingham Check Blazer Naked and Famous Navajo Shirt (large) £40 AllSaints Floral shirt AllSaints Fairisle Merino Wool Jumper
£40 + £5 for insured postage. This shirt is made of an excellent quality navajo fabric. It is used, but in very good condition - it's recieved light wear, six times at most. This shirt sold initially for £130 in selfridges and £140 in Liberty SS12 so you are getting a fantastic deal. Measurements: TAG SIZE L NECK 17 SHOULDER 18.5 PIT TO PIT 22 ARM 36.5 LENGTH 32 Double-weave shirt with a...
Conceptionist was the knit you bought in large from TBS one of the port sweaters? Does it no longer fit because you washed it?
Wouldn't reccommend OL shirts for formal wear. The fit is relaxed even on the slimmer stuff, you'd be better seeking a shirt with a more traditional cut.
It's to do with the fibre lengths of the wool. Recycled wool is made by tearing apart other garments and re-spinning them, so the fibres become significantly shorter and you lose a lot of the wooly properties. Most if not all high street stuff offering wool will be using recycled. Nearly all of SNS Herning's stuff say virgin wool/ pure new wool on the label, but some say merino instead - I don't know if that means they sometimes use recycled wool in the lighter summer...
One thing I'd say is don't get them from liberty, they routinely add £10 to the price of everything...
The port sweater I have is labelled as pure new wool, though TBS said merino. It's not itchy in the slightest and is relatively soft. Can you get virgin merino wool? That'd just be merino that wasn't recycled right?
Dude, your writing style (apart from being laden with commas) is just totally innappropriate for the context you're writing in. You want to demonstrate intelligence, great. Stop treating every informal discussion on this forum with the levity of an academic essay.I genuinely thought you were trolling in the WAYWT thread.
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