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Quote: Originally Posted by Athlete218 can you discount the Tom Ford Camilo any? I may be interested in the 15a Unfortunately not too much; we may be able to do something for you give us a PM with the exact style #. it is an in line product that we'd have to special order
Quote: Originally Posted by Athlete218 can you offer the other 2 colors for this price? particularly the silver w/ grey lens also, will you ever get in the Keith TF71 (i believe) in 731 (color).. Ruthenium edit: how long is this code good for? Code is good until Father's Day; and the 18C we're sold out of, and the 19V since it's the most popular color and we don't have much inventory left; so we're charging full price for...
Quote: Originally Posted by drofnats Looking for a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses in either black or tortoise. Please PM. Thanks. Please check out our site we've got all of them in stock! The 2132 and 2140's in 901 and 902 which are the colors you are looking for!
Ray Ban 3025's..our best sellers! GLWS
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Will you have a coupon code that will work for all TF sunglasses? i can see what i can do for that; are you interested in a specific pair?
Hey Style Forum members! We'd like to offer the remaining inventory we have of the popular Tom Ford James Bond Quantum of Solace Sunglasses to the fellow members on this site. We have a large quantity of the 09J(Gunmetal with Brown Lens) color left and the 28L(Gold with Brown Lens). All of these sunglasses come with the original Tom Ford brown outer box, hard Tom Ford brown case, the Tom Ford Authenticity card and the brown Tom Ford cleaning cloth. We regularly sell...
Hello Style Forum members! We just signed up on here to give you guys the best deals we have on all sorts of sunglasses and sometimes other accessories. We noticed that we also have been posted on here in previous threads from certain sale events we were running, mostly our Tom Ford sales! Other than the sales we are trying to promote, we also have Carrera's, Ray Ban's, Prada and ton's of other designer sunglasses; either custom ordered from the manufacturer or some...
Quote: Originally Posted by TimH Does anyone know if my 20 years old Rayban Wayfarers can be reshaped and polished. The bridge ? (middle bit) has gone from tortoishell colour to a greyish brown? We would guess probably not; at that point it's just worth it to buy a new pair
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum can anybody knowledgeable make a post on classic sunglass styles. all i can think of is rayban wayfarers, shuron ronsirs, and persol 714. What would you like us to tell you about the Ray Ban Wayfarers? We have them in ALL colors..from the regular black or tortoise; to baby blue and yellow!
Quote: Originally Posted by Hermitedge This may been mentioned before, but I couldnt find it on the forum... but is SMART BUY GLASSES . COM a legitimate website to make purchases from, or are they sketchy/knockoff style? Quote: Originally Posted by c00kz Can anyone recommend me a good website for glasses/sunglasses with a liberal return/exchange policy? Most of the ones I've seen are very sport oriented. Check us...
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