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i want that bag
i guess mine doesnt get as much wear as it should, i have alot more jackets than i should given the weather here in florida so none of them see much wear.even after 4 years mine still stands up on its own [[SPOILER]]
I had 3 toj orders in total and I was pleased by each and the service, but this was long before production/shipping issues so maybe it's not so relevant (less than 3 week turnaround time on my cm har har)@fok: how long have you had your fqhh moto/how stiff is it? i have a fqhh dr and its still stiff as hell after like 4 years
i recognize those trash cans, uwf-bros unite
imo sell it [to me]
the giant WANG beanies hahaha
re: thumb comments
didnt know w+h were still making those
i made 2 orders about 10 days ago, had them both come in yesterday, then today i received a duplicate package with one of my orders. free shirts woo
What colors/fabrics did they release the +j blazer/trousers in this season?
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