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in a week, 9/22
im waiting for you to sell that Bless jacket also
10/3 for philly, 10/10 for the rest of the stores
the link for the plokhov collection says those pics are for the womens and unisex collection, you think that mean theres some mens pieces we havent seen yet? also digging the sweatpants, bombers decent.
whats going on with the cuffs in the jacket. i have this jacket and i never figured that part out
still have the moleskin one i bought from you. would definitely love to see a reboot in new fabrics
p cheap [90$] cdgh trousers for smaller people http://www.grailed.com/listings/19312-comme-des-garcons-homme-wool-trousers
look it up with 'needles nepenthes'
245$ medium http://www.grailed.com/listings/18757-woolrich-woolen-mills-herringbone-wool-jacket
oh boy i was already buying xs in their v-necks this should be fun
New Posts  All Forums: