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Hey there, bought these from user arlstine and they are too small for me. just lookin to recoup costs. photos are from previous seller Interesting sideways pockets+details, adjustable drawstring with leather cinch at the hems, nice thick YKK zip Measurements: Waist: 38cm ~ 15 in Inseam: 45cm ~17.7 in Rise: 34cm ~ 13.4 in
probably because its huge
these are raf vandals, not astros regardless they are dope as fuck, great colorway edit: my bad that guys right
topically enough I was lookin at getting some cropped pants, im thinkin one of these 2: cdg black: or tva:
oh man, i havent been here in quite a while, ever since i had to replace my car that got totaled. i thought i was free but i was checking the marketplace for some new sneakers and now i think im getting suuucked back iiiiiiiiiinnnn whats the cool new sf uniform i can buy for internet approval
There isn't going to be any more stretching/shrinking no
Just need some money, so I'm selling my Buttero boots. I'm pretty firm on the price of these. Tagged 42.5 but Butteros run large more like a 43.5-44. These have been worn a decent bit, some creasing on the toebox. They still have tons of wear left in them though Price is $175 $150
I picked these up from spoo about a year ago, have only worn them out once. Great shoes, good condition, buttery soft leather tongue, you won't find them anywhere this cheap. Asking 150$ shipped CONUS
yea bbng is great i love it, they did a great cover of flying lotus's putty boy strut at tedxtoronto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR5OUpy9tao#t=5m45s they have 2 studio albums out atm, both free to download http://badbadnotgood.com/ the first albums alright, some great tracks on it ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDVgP_SBQIc ), kinda hit or miss bbng2, their second album, is fantastic all around imo definitely get that ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fp40VH6bu7o...
Ok I'm gonna have to drop out, have to buy a new car now
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