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the giant WANG beanies hahaha
re: thumb comments
didnt know w+h were still making those
i made 2 orders about 10 days ago, had them both come in yesterday, then today i received a duplicate package with one of my orders. free shirts woo
What colors/fabrics did they release the +j blazer/trousers in this season?
just got my orders in today. i got the mesh neck pullover (listed as womens) in size S, it fits pretty good. supima t's in small also fit great, and the supima undershirts in M are a good fit in the body but really long, should be good for layering. no fit pics cause no phone atm im 5'9, 145 for reference
pair of slim black joggers [brands?] black chelseas [brands again?] maybe another leather jacket a few sweaters drape-y layering basics pair of white high tops maybe some more boots
havent seen this coat before, anyone know which season its from? http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/579814007115/
lol ok so i made two orders a bit over a week ago. neither order shipped out after a week so i emailed support and they said one of my packages was misdelivered and they gave me a tracking # for the rerouted package. then the next day i get two emails saying that my two orders have shipped out, so now I have 3 tracking #s for 3 distinct packages for 2 orders all headed my way? they also said they were gonna email me a 15$ promo code but never did? well see what happens i...
just put it in the washing machine fuck
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