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I'd stick with lighter colours for the shirt and tie, especially if you wear the waistcoat with that dark tweed. An ecru or cream shirt with a light burgundy tie and gold or tan hanky, for example. I don't like stripes or any shiny material with tweed, but that's just a personal preference.
Probably true for most folks.I take it the Park Ave's are too formal with odd trousers in your opinion? Personally, to the office, I wouldn't wear bluchers (don't care for them) or loafers (I like them very casual and only for weekend/vacation). I've found that my brogue wingtips are the most versatile shoes I own. My fav is the AS Hunt in mahogany.Good luck!
I’ll be able to give my observations of the Drake's in week or two, if you like. My wife just ordered it for my birthday.
This is something I should probably start looking at. They don't do in-between sizing on MTO, do they? I assume your left is the next size up.
Carmina is always a great choice, and the 732 Robert captoe is classic and sleek. I’ll also throw out the very similar Church's Consul for consideration. These were my first dress shoe and are still my go-to brown oxfords.
The Rancourt ranger mocs are a great value. I've been wearing the same pair (the cheapest model) for field work for almost two years and they're holding up very very well. And they still clean up nicely, so I also use them for walking shoes on vacation.
I don't mind the suit. But I couldn't keep my eyes off the shirt cuffs. They look like white construction paper.
Thanks for the update. Great info and I'm glad you were able to get money back (twice?!).I love to see updates with real experiences and ongoing impressions like this on SF.
My EG Oundles do also.
Looks great. Just added this one to my order. Was planning on all solids, but dropped the midnight blue grenadine in favor of this.I also ordered my first Challis wool with standard construction. I'm getting 6-fold with the printed silks and standard with grenadines, but I was unsure of which way is best for wool. Too thick with more folds?
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