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Norwegian Rain seems to have such an excellent product. I think I will order one from them for when I need to sit in the playground with my kids on rainy days. Is it ok to shorten the sleeves? I remember Mackintosh advising against that. Also, does adding the arctic liner change the sizing in any way?
I don't think I really understood where you wanted to go with Eidos until I saw the Gentry drop. Easily the most appealing interpretation of the brand thus far (although I really like some of the tailoring as well). Feels a lot more urban than how I usually percieve Eidos.
This Camoshita drop so perfectly encapsulates why I like this brand so much. Wonderfu and original takes on many classic items. A deep understanding of traditional style, but also a willingess to break the rules and take some risks. I should also say that no other webshop makes Camoshita look as good as you guys do.
Starting to really like your take on more casual tailoring. There are far to few good options for guys who like tailoring but prefer a more relaxed style.
The good news: I lost over 20lbs/10kgs this spring! My wife says I look better than the day she met me. The bad news: My shirt collars are now far to big to wear buttoned with ties. I've lost about 5 centimeters in the neck. This is saddening because I have quite a few pricey and very nice made to measure shirts from various italian makers. I've lost far to much weight to just move the button a centimeter. Are there any other options if I don't want to look like a school...
You guys have really started to nail your style and aesthetic. Really impressive stuff this fall. I wish you would open up a european site.
Good to hear he is doing online. I always thought it was a bit awkward to schedule an appointment just to look at things.
Wow, that is a really good selection. Esp like the grey and blue chenille tie.
Interesting. My perception if the brand has been shaped by Trunk, Nitty Gritty and Kafka. It might not be for everyone, but I quite like some of the things I see there, although I have yet to buy anything from them. It certainly does not feel like italian gigolo style to me.I think that with some restraint and focus the brand can turn into something interesting. It can just as easily go the other way though.
I think the brand is best thought of as a bold and experimental approach to tailoring, especially concerning fabrics. It's not meant for the kind of people who think of wearing navy trousers as breaking some kind of rule. Perhaps it's for a younger crowd who enjoy tailoring, but not a traditional style?I personally like their approach and many of their concepts, but in practice I feel their garments are pretty hit and miss with the majority being misses. The brand is...
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