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Pictures from Camoshita and The Gigi would be cool if anybody is around their area.
Maybe this is a difficult question to answer, but just how light is the Camoshita seersucker suit? I really love the concept, but I am thinking it might just no be useful enough for a cold climate like we have in Sweden. I have the Camoshita burgundy madras jacket from spring 2014 for comparison. Is it in the same category? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-and-burgundy-seersucker-jacket.html
I've always felt that the best gifts are things that the recipients desire, but don't feel good about spending money on. That somewhat excessive luxury. It's also important that sizing won't be an issue, because exchanging a gift is never fun. My father used to wear cufflinks regularly for business, but his collection is a bit boring for the more festive occasions in which he wears them now that he is retired. Therefore I would give him these:
Camoshita pajama jacket.
Why does this man (Ambrosi) still have customers? Every time I read about him I hear about terrible service, long waiting times and flawed products. Why would anyone by something as expensive as bespoke trousers from a man with such a spotty record? Genuinely curious.
Which last is this?
Thank you. Simple but often forgotten point. Sometimes one desires a simpler, more straight forward cut.
What's the name of this cut? I really prefer the one NMWA uses, this is less distinctive. But I understand that this one probably has more general appeal.
I own two jackets by Camoshita, but no suits (one of the old madras jackets from spring 2014 and a gray knit blazer type thing from fw 2015). They are a bit different in their cut. Both are perfect length for me (5'9", 176 lbs). I have no idea about Camoshita pants. My general feeling is that japanese clothes fit really well on me, but I am shorter than average and have wide shoulders. I can't for the life of me understand why Camoshita doesn't create a more western cut.
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