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What are you talking about? That's a great colour for spring/summer. Maybe not what you were aiming for, but I am sure you will find tremendous use for a jacket in this colour and weave. I find that many of the garments which I was rather unsure of at the time of purchase are the ones I enjoy the most because they open up new possibilities.
I also liked the unstructured silk/linnen mix jackets from last springs Camoshita collection. Does anybody know if this will rumple like ordinary linnen?
This sounds promising. I live in a cold country in northern europe so I am really looking for a light jacket to wear indoors during the warmer half of the year and layer under a coat while outside. It never really gets warm enough for us to need linen or similar materials, so it would be great if it's also suitable for slightly colder temperatures and doesn't look or feel like a dedicated summer garment.
I'm pretty curious about the raw silk jacket/suit from Eidos. I have never owned anything in raw silk though, aside from a few ties. Does anybody have experience with this fabric style? Is it durable? Cool wearing?
I will be in NYC end of April. Looking for a pair of Alden suede dover. Something similar to this: http://leffot.com/shop/index.php/shoes/alden/29336f.html I know about Moulded Shoe, the Alden store and Leffot (obviously). Are there any other places which might have them? Also, is there any difference between the shoes that Alden makes for J.Crew and what they sell under their own brand? Thanks.
So I'm going to Tokyo in March. Currently I'm most excited by Ring Jacket, United Arrows, Beams and Kamakura. Are there any other Japanese brands I should be looking for? All shopping tips are very welcome, also for things other than clothes. Since I live in Stockholm, I have good access to European brands, so no need to mention those. Also, I'm 174cm, 85kg (5'9", 187lbs). Usually get a 52 in brands like Boglioli, Gajola, Cantarelli, Incotex etc. Will anything at all fit...
I recently read this article: http://putthison.com/post/23674835650/worsted-vs-woolen-flannels-i-love-wool-flannel I have previously been under the impression that flannel pants were delicate, but the above article explains that not all flannels are equally sensitive. However, it does not go into great detail regarding how to identify worsted flannel. Can somebody provide a more detailed explanation? Thanks.
Any colour jacket (gray flannel might be best though) with white or blue solid shirt? Looks very versatile to me.
I love gray flannel trousers. Love. It's an unhealthy obsession. However, it wears quickly in the crotch. I found this article yesterday: http://putthison.com/post/23674835650/worsted-vs-woolen-flannels-i-love-wool-flannel Can anybody give clearer instructions on how to find worsted flannel? I would love to try a pair.
I find that the 3-fold lined grenadine has a thick and sturdy knot. Suitable for thick flannel jackets. For spring and summer I might request five fold unlined.
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