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Is that Formosa? Really nice gorge/collar.
Big fan of the brown hopsack. I am considering something similar for spring.
That is really nice. Great way to break up the monotony of standard suit style. I have been on the fence for a similar style from vass for a long time. Would prefer a rounder last and darker shade of brown myself. You have almost convinced me...
I only ever wear super relaxed, unstructured jackets with jeans. Often in a knitted style. Camoshita had a few nice ones one year ago. Also this style from Barena: In general, I feel that a pair of relaxed cotton trousers look better with a more tailored jacket. I prefer to add informality into those outfits via sneakers and other street wear references, as I feel denim is often to heavy, textured and worn to work with more traditional jackets, even if they are made...
This is so strange. Not my experience at all. The loop is a really nice little feature.
Guidelines and rules are great for when you are exploring something new and getting your bearings. But after a while it's time to just ignore all that, have fun and express yourself. That's when the magic happens with most things, clothes included.
Maybe this is intentional, but I was a bit confused by the fact that the first images I saw of the trousers when I clicked on them on were inside out (on mobile).
The selection, styling and photography has been unreal this season. Tasteful, distinct yet really easy to insert into any wardrobe. Funny how the best store in the world for European brands isn't even in Europe. You guys are making me reconsider tweed, a fabric I wrote off ten years ago:
Depends on the style of jacket, but most importantly on you and your tastes. I personally wear these kinds of trousers with my Boglioli navy hopsack all the time. Often with white sneakers and an open white shirt in the spring and summer. A nice, simple and casual, but still smart, look for relaxed work days.EDIT: those trousers are great BTW. I would personally rock them with a rollneck, suede brogues, jacket and a baseball cap. But that's me
Edit: posted in wrong thread.
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