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So I'm going to Tokyo in March. Currently I'm most excited by Ring Jacket, United Arrows, Beams and Kamakura. Are there any other Japanese brands I should be looking for? All shopping tips are very welcome, also for things other than clothes. Since I live in Stockholm, I have good access to European brands, so no need to mention those. Also, I'm 174cm, 85kg (5'9", 187lbs). Usually get a 52 in brands like Boglioli, Gajola, Cantarelli, Incotex etc. Will anything at all fit...
I recently read this article: http://putthison.com/post/23674835650/worsted-vs-woolen-flannels-i-love-wool-flannel I have previously been under the impression that flannel pants were delicate, but the above article explains that not all flannels are equally sensitive. However, it does not go into great detail regarding how to identify worsted flannel. Can somebody provide a more detailed explanation? Thanks.
Any colour jacket (gray flannel might be best though) with white or blue solid shirt? Looks very versatile to me.
I love gray flannel trousers. Love. It's an unhealthy obsession. However, it wears quickly in the crotch. I found this article yesterday: http://putthison.com/post/23674835650/worsted-vs-woolen-flannels-i-love-wool-flannel Can anybody give clearer instructions on how to find worsted flannel? I would love to try a pair.
I find that the 3-fold lined grenadine has a thick and sturdy knot. Suitable for thick flannel jackets. For spring and summer I might request five fold unlined.
Just recieved my tie. Impressed with all aspects of his business, aside from maybe his photos of the material. Will certainly order again.
Does anyone have any experience with his cashmere ties? He recommends unlined, but I have a feel that I prefer a bulkier knot than the average man.
I went with the three fold lined as a trial. Will order more if the tie is satisfactory.I love ordering things. It's like christmas
You look fine. Your main problem will be your insecurity about your clothes.
What is your opinion on grenadine ties? Unlined? How many folds? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: