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That more than works, looks great to me!
I am still sad that I missed out on this jacket.
That's one aspect of the Eidos philosophy that I really appreciate, that you create tailoring which is part of a broader concept and aesthetic which is more casual and contemporary than traditional tailoring while still maintaining high quality. Very happy that your brand has finally reached Stockholm.
I think the fit of that jacket is perfect. Difficult to get better with RTW out the box. I can't fathom how that jacket could be considered to long.
I love your store. Frankly I am surprised that there is no equivalent in Europe. Any chance you would ever consider a european store? I want much of what you sell, but seems crazy to have something shipped to the US from Italy and then to Sweden, with everything that means in terms of customs and shipping.
I aim to have a casual suit made this year. Most of the choices are easy; it will have patch pockets, spalla camicia etc. I will probably be a very dark brown. I hope to use it both as a suit and as a blazer/sports coat. There are two things I can't decide on however: 1. Would a birdseye weave be a suitable fabric choice? 2. Is there a point to leaving the back unlined? Any opinions?
So I was looking for great brown suits for inspiration for a project of my own. This is very nice, I love everything about it. May I ask what weave the fabric is?I am currently considering having mine made in a dark brown (to suit my complexion) birdseye fabric. Hopefully it will work as a separate jacket as well from time to time when I want more variety in my spring wardrobe.
Thanks, that really is an awesome suit!Seems very versatile, like it could easily be broken up, and be worn with anything from oxfords to sneakers (gasp), with or without a tie.
I really liked the brown raw silk suit from eidos napoli from this spring. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to buy it, so I am looking to comission something similar. Does anybody have the pictures from the NoMan website, so I could use them for inspiration? EDIT: Pics of someone wearing the suit would also be great! Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: