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I've been wearing both navy trousers and open white shirts for at least five years, unaware of my sartorial transgressions. May one plead ignorance in his or her defence?
Are these "rules" around here? Wow.
I have never, ever, in my life been in a situation where I have had the opportunity to buy cloth. Where do you people do this?
Maybe this has been covered elsewhere, but what are some general rules of thumb when selecting fabrics from swatches, something I find incredibly difficult? I sometimes wish I could take the swatch with me home and look at it for a few weeks but I haven't dared suggest that to my tailor. This has also been a reason for not using traveling tailors; I just can't make up my mind quickly enough. My experience has been that colors appear duller and darker as a fabric swatch...
He actually offered me a spot during his visit to Stockholm in spring this year, but I had decided that his cut wasn't quite what I was looking for.
It's the kind of combo that can potentially look cool on somebody who is very comfortable with fashion. It's probably not easy to do well, unlike the classic combos like navy tie/white shirt/grey suit, which anyone can do pretty well. I would advise him to go with something a bit more conservative, especially if the wedding is formal in character.
Suit Supply has a wide range of sizes, fits and modest prices (for a suit). But if you are thrifting, maybe that is out of your range. The truth is that suits are expensive, and people who do not conform to standard sizes often need to resort to custom made garments, which are not cheap, in order to find a great fit. This is especially true if one has special needs in the shoulder area, since shoulders are so difficult to alter. Best of luck.
Pictures from Camoshita and The Gigi would be cool if anybody is around their area.
Maybe this is a difficult question to answer, but just how light is the Camoshita seersucker suit? I really love the concept, but I am thinking it might just no be useful enough for a cold climate like we have in Sweden. I have the Camoshita burgundy madras jacket from spring 2014 for comparison. Is it in the same category? http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/navy-and-burgundy-seersucker-jacket.html
I've always felt that the best gifts are things that the recipients desire, but don't feel good about spending money on. That somewhat excessive luxury. It's also important that sizing won't be an issue, because exchanging a gift is never fun. My father used to wear cufflinks regularly for business, but his collection is a bit boring for the more festive occasions in which he wears them now that he is retired. Therefore I would give him these:
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