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Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Yea, torture motherfucka, what? I'll fuckin tie you to a fucking bedpost with your chunky knit Wings+Horns cardigan and shit, right? Put my silky ass shawl on your bare chest for like a half hour, take it off, and rob you of your lumberjack heritage street cred slow like ttttttssssssssssssssss. Chasingred's contributions to this threak have been epic. sub'd /
Very badass example of "drape":
I have windowpane suits and SCs and wear the hell out of both.
Silicon has a miserable long term effect on shoes. It gives them a cheap, glass shine on day 1, but it's downhill from there, and doesn't do what polishing is supposed to do, which is care for the leather over the long term. I avoid shoe shine places that use silicon products like the plague - they're all over downtown. On a related note, I really need to start shining my own shoes. It's not even that much work. SMH.
I over-boobed this thread, which has detracted from the purest pleasure in life: skinny broads.
Quote: Originally Posted by pitboss12 More boobs please! Voxy is yapping some dither about golden calfs and Israelites, so I'm in a Biblical mood. Ask and ye shall receive:
Brooklyn Decker...the oops to end all...oopses...
You people's linkedin game is fucking atrocious. Just sayin.
"In about 3 years, holla at me Miley Cyrus..."
Quote: Originally Posted by JPHardy In before "I should have never let the Rake write about me and" LOLz
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