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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Whoever does FYM is probably a genius and also very handsome. This rules out Scotty. - B Oh shit, f*ckyeahmenswear is Vox. But if that's the case...where are the tatties(?)
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I think FYM is Vaclav. He's got the range to go gangsta. Haha this struck me as a possibility.
The brogueing looks horrific, if I do say so myself.
I submit the following evidence: 1 - Fuckyeah borrows pics liberally from Sart Inc. 2 - Both writers use white boy ebonics - check this excerpt from Sart Inc: "I love me some Ralph, but his designers seriously need to take a step back for a quick second - they are on some serious check yourself before you wreck yourself type shit as of late." http://sartoriallyinclined.blogspot....hen-pt-ii.html It's like fuckyeah is the Sart Inc guy's id gone wild (neaux...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wirr I guess you wasn't going with the train last winter in Swe. It was a real pain. We had LOTS of snow last year. The traffic was down a long time and was never in time. People here don't like the SJ. (Swedish railroad, it's a company, but they have more or less monopoly.) But I'm happy you had better experiences to share of Swe ;p Comparing the Swedish railways to the Blue Line here in Chicago (which I take to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Overall I would say that Bull is right, the basic visible infrastructure in Naples looked a lot worse than what I see in the US. The trains were better though. I didn't use the subway, which I gather is not great. Manton - good point, but Italy's trains are disgraceful compared to, say, Sweden's. I was recently in Sweden working for a deal and, while there, I took the train from Stockholm to Karlstad, and...
I've visited Rome, Florence, Rapallo and Venice and the best way I can describe Italy is that it's a developed country with third world leanings. Like, they don't have their shit together in key areas of infrastructure and it boggles the mind. Greece also has this problem. These countries are hopelessly backward and change will be slow and gradual and will never be complete, because it is the product of the nature of the people (no racism).
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy <- WIN.
That bracelet is criminal. Ninjas should be arrested for that shit. When you're so fly that your flyness is commensurate with breaking the law, you know you're on some whole next level steez.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha God damn what a beautiful sole.
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