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They look nicer. For me, it's not about being able to button and unbutton. Instead, a handsome buttonhole is, in and of itself, a joy to see. Sure, you can sprezz it out and leave one or two (or three, if you're feeling sassy) undone to show the world that you're a man of money and taste, but you can also just leave them buttoned and the look is plainly superior to 4 buttons hanging off of a sleeve like dead weight. It's a personal choice, but I far prefer...
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel pretty soft construction but a bit too much waist suppression Totally agree. Exhibit B:
Sheesh, look at how neat and clean the inside detailing on the Polo jacket is. Shweet.
Jesus. This blog is fucking AMAZING. Thanks for ruining my Saturday, sheesh....*lurks*....
Amazon. Imperial Millesime FTW.
FYM, like most good tumblrs, is already hitting a fatigue point. And he doesn't even have that many posts yet. His work obviously "resignates" with people (to quote Dubya), the only issue now will be maintaining momentum until he gets that book deal with a guaranteed high five figure advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doxe First Mr. Sam = Vox Now FYM = Vox. I doubt it. What would break the internet is if FYM did a post about I agree. The internets as we know it would implode on itself. Once and for all, the shit would hit the Fan (see what I did there? Anybody? No? Ok...)
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