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Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Vox, I really like all your outfits. One day I hope to be as keen a dresser as you (serious) Finally, some real appreciation. WTF is wrong with you people.
As simple as it sounds. Poast in appreciation of the unofficial mayor of this bitch. Bombs away.
If you rock those with APCs that you haven't washed in two years and contain the unmistakable stank of buttsweat and urine splash-back, you'll be trending so fucking hard bro. Top it off with a Belstaff waxed cotton coat that you "distressed" in the washer machine for hours so that the fucking thing looks ragged, you will literally shit on everyone you see just by walking by them. People might ask for your autograph.
These deals are "bananas"
Quote: Originally Posted by kcc Rubinacci is a very stylish guy, his personal clothing is tailored to harmonious proportions. It's harmonious for his gut to be popping out the side(?)
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley ^^Do you have ADHD? Actually, yes. Hasn't prevented me from being fabulously successful at what I do, though. Tell me, what's it like living in your mom's basement, bro? Mildewy much?
These always remind me of the broad from Total Recall with three tatties.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty I'm seeing more and more sport coats that retail for less than $200, but have working button holes. Also some suits that retail for less than $300 have working button holes. Add all that to a fake Rolex, fake Creed, fake Gucci loafers, and you are ready for the REAL niteclub scene Now you are ready to take home a girl with fake hair, fake tits, fake butt, fake LV handbag, stolen ID and Payless shoes with soles she...
Exhibit C (no Jay Elec-Channukah):
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