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You cannot effectuate a hostile takeover of a private enterprise - only an enterprise, the equity of which publicly trades hands. Unless Tweed in the City IPO'ed on the stock exchange of some tiny, miserable African country, there was no hostile takeover. More likely, Foo stopped paying the $7.99 annual fee to keep the site up.
You pop tarts fuck around with birds. I fuck around with birds. Get it right...
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 Rob, "Burton" and I be toasting you (and Bull) at the holiday hotel lobby crawl on the 18th. I will do everything I can to make it. Sounds like a blast. Let's hope for some Chicago weather similar to what we have right now - sunny and positively cool.
My buttonholes have buttonholes.
Ranger - These suits take forever to make - must have some handwork. - Bull. Probably machined and fused. Ranger - Nah but the suits are made by humble people in humble environs, so it's possible that there's a good amount of handwork. - Impossible! Foo angry now! Foo pay 6 grand for LH and you pay paltry sum for shit "bespoke" - Ercoreez not handmade! You lie! Foo want cagematch to defend LH honor! Ranger - Relax, we both married Jewesses...can't we...
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE ^^^Not one of your best works. Hm. Better?
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