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Homey said pink Himalayan sea salt... L
Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I'm pretty confident I could pass a blind hole test. N/h(?)
I suppose that I am in the minority in thinking that letting these trousers go to waste is a tragedy. To the extent your trousermaker has identical or similar fabric in stock, and given that the trousers are pleated (which means there is probably already room to spare in the crotch area), really all that needs to be done is to add half an inch of fabric to the waist seam, which will look a bit out of place, but which will - in any event - be mostly covered by a belt. I...
But I ask you: can there ever be too much titillation? No, no. Never...
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 I found an unstructured PRL sport coat for $70 at Marshall's once. Best I've found. A couple months ago, my local Marshall's was flooded with PRL blackwatch sportcoats. They were all pretty baggy. Ohhhhhhh my next acquisition. I love that pattern.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas L M F A O
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Here is another, the place was pretty luxe. The sausage-to-bird ratio here is miserable. Otherwise, seems like a quaint little gathering.
All of my secret Marshalls stores where I used to snag Barbera and other key items now only stock U.S. POLO ASS'N. Gilt has killed Marshalls. They sell crap I wouldn't clothe a bum in.
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