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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt WTF? How is this acceptable on here these days? It comes with the territory. If is going to dutifully serve as the patron saint of the forvum, then he's got to take all the shit that is heaped on him as a result. It is all in jest, and never ad hominem. I understand that as your loyal pupil and LH torch-bearer, you are tasked with defending his honor, but I would only ask that you lighten the fuck up
Quote: Originally Posted by whnay. Don't SAs at places like Hermes make $14 an hour?!?!? I would certainly be willing to bet that there is a commission component. I would be very surprised if not. I poked around the intranets to try to find the answer, but could not.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Price so far has only been an issue for people responding to this thread. I have no idea what this comment means. If someone wants to spend an outsized sum on a wallet, more power to them. I am only making a comment as to asking about price. Certain stores know that they have a mix of outrageously wealthy customers and just ordinary wealthy customers (like Barneys), and so they are more than willing...
p.s. "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it." (c) JP Morgan. I hate to say it, but the entire thing went downhill the second price was discussed. Just saying...
This threak can be summarized thusly: 1. Hi, my name is 2. I am married to an exceptionally wealthy Jewish sugar mama whose love for the (and whose credit card limit, the balances of which are happily satisfied by my father-in-law) has no bounds. 3. She spends on me - quite extravagantly - and this brings me great joy. 4. I am an intranets celebrity (c) top 5 BDRM and Rake special. 5. Sometimes, when I go out into the real world, I am mistaken for a...
Reevolving pussed-out. Weak. Mike wins by default. Hooray for another lawyer winning something
Quote: Originally Posted by softy This photo screams "Self-pwnage."
Happy Friday, chaps.
Where the fuck am I? You can't see me. That's right. Fort made of Filsons. I'm buried under here. With your girl. Told her she "might as well have the best" â„¢ She agreed. While you're out at flea markets trying on dead people's clothes, I'm in my fort playing make-believe. Make believing I'm not on that next level Cookie Crisp. Make believing I'm not breakin' owls' necks when I'm out all night steezing. Make believing I'm not your...
The lack of pics for us to smugly deconstruct (to death) is killing this threak.
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