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Hey all, looking to get some new jeans and wanted some advice to beforehand. Basically, I'm looking for stuff that won't dissintigrate within 9 months of wear. Now, all I've really had experience with is Levi's and two pairs of Earnest Sewn non-selvage (I'm in love with the fit of the kyrre). My ES had crotch blowouts within the year, and the Levi's are still my go-to's, even if they don't fit as well. Basically, is there any kind of higher-end denim that will fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fat-Elvis (just realized the second one looks like a face). That is all.
Cargo shorts are for the chubby guy in IT to tuck his polo shirts into. Stop deluding yourself into thinking you need all those pockets; unless you're a rock climber or hiker, pants and a bag of some sort would be fine. But I personally don't believe in shorts of any kind (unless one is in a tropical environment), so my words may mean nothing to you. I've just never seen an outfit and thought that shorts instead of pants would improve it at all.
Holy shit he actually soaked them
Quote: Originally Posted by Exit English I think most normal people would look kinda dumb in a French military jacket to be honest. Guys like Chris Martin can get away with it in a promo photo because of who they are. Any average person rocking anything close to what hes wearing in this photo would just look like they wandered out of a flamboyantly themed war reenactment. Yeah I was just about to ask how anyone could possibly rock this. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 So buy it! I've gone so far as to accept $400 dollar shoes, and I've just bought a $660 leather jacket, but I still can't justify to myself buying a $100 tee shirt. I'll probably just by it by this weeks end, anyways. Life is short, look good. This is so fucking cool and I want it my life right now Arghargjaraedlkfsd
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Are you a time traveler or something
You're so delightfully dramatic, Mr. Moo. I used to be a fan...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one they're gunmetal zips, the only color available for 2-ways is gunmetal... Is cool, just wanted to make sure you weren't dying them black or anything because you mentioned them being hand dyed yourself. Gunmetal is great.
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