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What is everyone recommendation for a slim fitting, well constructed navy blue suit with a drop of 8? I ask here because I have a pretty large aversion to creating new threads for stupid questions, but I've suddenly found myself in need of a suit and, with a budget of around $500, am sort of afraid of getting screwed. My second bet would probably be trying Indochino, but I'd very much like to have something that would be made of nice material and I've heard some pretty...
Quote: Originally Posted by *Tee* Name ? You and that one guy who posted a bunch of video game pictures are pretty creepy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol not trolling: Alice and the Pirates was her favourite brand, which is a sub-brand of Baby the Stars Shine Bright. If you're looking for lolita with an edge those are probably the best brands. Victorian Maiden and Mary Magdalene are more classical. She got most of it from Baby's webstore which does ship internationally. You can find lots on YJ and mbok as well. For non-Japanese brands ... really, just buy...
How to not be "dressy": be casual. I'm confused, OP. Mainly because your thread title and post ask two completely different questions. Are you asking us to tell you if you're doing it right (if so, lol) or are you looking for information about attractive options for casual wear? Also, Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol baller I've always wondered what would happen if a J-rocker and Ziggy Stardust ever met.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester post a fit pic, I am dying to see what this looks like. Okay, re-reading that post has made me need to clarify something. I personally don't like skinny jeans, as in these: I don't think they look that good on anyone. I'm 6'2, around 200 lbs, and wear a 34x32 in most jeans, sizing down 1 if I want them to fit tighter. Here's me in Levi 501's, sized down 1 in the waist and stretched out a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol my gf is an ex-lolita and basically the recognized queen of lolita in quebec I can't tell if this is trolling or not, but if not my girlfriend wants to know where yours used to buy her clothes. Usually mine just goes to Fanplusfriend or Milanoo, with occasional forays to ebay for more detailed outfits, but she's starting to look for a more casual and "edgy" styles to shop for. I recommended Jil and Raf,...
Gothic Lolita does it for me, and luckily my girl loves it too. Not always as severe as the picture above, but thigh-high leather boots and a skirt mixed with something like this: Is her usual "going out" wear. Also, am now waiting for the storm that will probably follow.
News flash: Mens clothing forum filled with catty bitches
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one David? Yours is here and i'm sending it today. Yippie ki yay. Any estimates on shipping time?
Just wanted to know how my DR is coming. Yeah I'm an impatient asshole, but it's been 3 weeks since I ordered and I woke up last night whispering "steez" over and over again. Also, am I alone in thinking that a grey suede moto would be fucking boss?
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