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When you google "Klingon suit" the first result is this thread, and the second is this lovable little guy: So clearly the answer is Michael Andrews.
Can anyone tell me where the cheapest place to buy the RMW Stockman boot in brown is? Bootsonline only carry it in black, and the only other place I can find is A.Hume, who want around $450 USD before shipping for them (in their defense, they do throw in a free crocodile skin belt; however I'm not in the market for one of those just yet).
I would go with the navy suit, white shirt, white pocket square (TV fold), black belt and captoes. The pocket square shows that you took some consideration into what you wore, but the black leather is all business. These are just my initial thoughts, however, and I am still learning the ways of traditional mens clothing, so take what I say with a grain of salt. This should be paradise for you.
I've got a question. I'm about 6'2, 200 lbs, with a 9-inch drop (42/33). I'm still trying to lose a bit of my gut, but as far as measurements go, I don't think that my waist will get any smaller due to it. My problem stems with finding tees with sleeves that are in any way an appropriate length, while still looking fitted throughout the waist. It seems that whenever I buy a shirt that fits me well through the body, I've got sleeves that are bunching up in my armpits...
I got such a nice ass I should make youtube videos of it.
I'll defend Makeshift Robot here, because I'm in pretty much the same boat as him. I joined this site for SW&D, and I still spend most of my time there, with only occasional forays into MC for suiting advice and other "grown-up people" clothes. I'm 19. Nearly everyday, you can find me in a leather jacket, levi jeans, and brown boots. Just because I associate more with the styles of SW&D doesn't mean that I'm a gothic-ninja preppy wannabee-railroad worker. I dress my...
Thanks for all of the advice, gentlemen. I'm definitely considering buying the navy pinstripe 3-piece, if I can get a sufficient promotional with it (2 free shirts? Sign me up). Does anyone have any tips on getting the fit as good as possible on the first time? As in, I assume they adjust whatever measurements you give them at least a little bit to prevent people returning them for being too small. How much is this adjustment?
That anime guy's jeans look like the kind of fit you'd get with some tight levis, and I know they make 'em in black. Get 501's but don't size up in the waist if you want that kind of fit with a high rise. lord, I'm critiquing the fit of a fictional character. I need a stiff drink.
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