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I finally figured out my hatred for skinny jeans. I think it's because they are always low rise, so low that it makes your legs look disproportionally short compared to your torso. I think that's the problem with most of these fits. Personal opinion, etc.
Take pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason This reminds me of the recon marines in Iraq with woodland camo. It's all psy-ops. ?
~. There is nothing women find sexier than a man in skin-tight jeans and a dick-flap wifebeater.
I found true love at 18. We're now engaged, and I would feel more than honored to "bang the same pussy for two decades." Sex is great, but it's no replacement for true love. And if you got great sex and true love, then you're set for life.
Quote: Originally Posted by mgoose my non-professional $.02 Human sexuality is much more fluid than many people would like to think. I really don't believe that you are born straight/gay and stay that way for the rest of your life. There are a number of enviromental factors that determine your choices and I firmly believe that people can legitmately go through phases. The problem is that because the gay community suffered for so long, they are...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles But you just said above you are gay. Quote: Originally Posted by Dai19 -- I've had successful and passionate relationships with members of both sexes -- Not gay.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Would you like a dickture. Classy. But no, I'm engaged. To a woman, no less.
Wow, you people have absolutely no idea how homosexuality works. OP, you're gay. There is nothing that you can do to change that; you were born a certain way, and that orientation is completely and utterly set-in-stone. You may love your girlfriend, but in the end, it simply cannot work out. You've lied to yourself for far too long already, and the further you get into this the more it's going to hurt her in the end when you finally do need to tell her (or worse, when...
What a shame, I was in the market for new boots (mine were recently chewed up) and sort of need some now. I would get the craftsman, but I prefer chelsea's in black and I think for my meager means a brown boot would be more appropriate.
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