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Christmas Thrift for nephews, nieces, in-laws, 43 items for $60...
Heavy cotton moleskin, likely unworn, surgeon cuffs, size 36US
I have several new ties that I just put up for sale ranging between $58-$165. TOM FORD bow ties, Stefano Ricci Luxury, Brioni, Ermeneildo Zegna. PAISLEYS I combine Shipping
Reddish Orange Pure Cashmere with Suede Button Up, size Large.
Not sure if this has ever been worn, plaid winter 2 button blazer by VERSACE COLLECTION.
SOLD Trusted Seller- Steller Price- NWT Moncler Down Jacket, size 5 USA ONLY
I bought these new and have worn 2x. As new, super comfortable!
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