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might me unworn, super nice heavy wool Jac Shirt
horseback riding originally
A very special set of 5 premium BRIONI pants in size 31. 3 Pure Cashmere, 1 pair of Super 180s, 1 pair of Super 130s.
It's the nicest suit I've ever offered and I've sold literally thousands in the past six years
Fits as a slim 42-44R. We have acquired a small collection of premium Brioni menswear including pure cashmere trousers, super 180s and 200s suits and more. These are recent items in perfect condition.
We have acquired a small collection of BRIONI'S Best suits including SUPER 200s and Super 180s, PURE CASHMERE trousers and more! This is my first listing of more to come!!! Click this link Suit by BRIONI We have acquired a small collection of very high end suits by Brioni. Each suit is in perfect condition! The jacket has a two button front, is fully lined and side vented. The trousers have a pleated front and are...
1932 wallet is extremely cool!
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