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$250 Vintage POLO Chesterfield OvercoatEBAY GLOBAL SUCKS!
$100-$149.95 Pure cashmere, Super 130s, Super 180s pants by BRIONI or buy all 5 Pair for $595 395 obo
PSA if you're an Ebay seller DONT USE GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM. Lost ANOTHER item and took payment out of my seller account. BAD BAD SERVICE!! real bad super cool article (and pics) of thrift goodies
great thrift find article on PUT THIS ON with Spoo mention
SELLERS - DONT PROVIDE EBAY INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - 2nd time I've been screwed over.... We are contacting you regarding eBay Item #: xxx which you recently sold to your buyer, xx. We received your parcel at our shipping center in Erlanger, KY; however, the parcel arrived empty of the item and we cannot ship it forward. Because the package arrived empty at the Global Shipping center in this condition, we cannot hold our shipping partner responsible for the loss. I...
Does anyone know how to get the fat women in their underwear ad off my screen here? Now $115 Reduced for quick sale steal this blazer!!!
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