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Soontimes, Before the end of April is what I heard, I can't remember the exact date.
SOLD OUT on the front makes it sound like the sweater is sold, I was wondering why you bumped if the sweater was sold!
agreed. down with the webshop! (unless they occasionally have crazy deals on the webshop)
Is this the casual one in a kind of canvas fabric? that one has been marked down to $129 for a little while now.
the usual free shipping over 50 is floating around, there is just a free shipping one around too, i think it is SPRING, no idea on the pin, 2480? It was in an email recently.
They look good but, I wouldn't advertise that 'trick' here.
It was definitely more than the $70 they claim it was. I'm fairly certain it was $130
False alarm, the 'big announcement' is some B.S. about a Tommy Ton collab.
Online shop comin', expect to hear something about it Monday.
In my experience they haven't been quite the same. I wear a 15/34 in slim-fit dress shirts. Perfect fit for me, slim but not too slim. I ordered a slim-fit sport shirt in medium and it felt enormous. I exchanged for an ESF sport shirt in the same pattern and it fits like a dream. Very close to the slim-fit dress shirts for me. I would sat that the sport shirts fit a little larger/looser than the dress shirts in general.
New Posts  All Forums: