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I heard rumours on some other forums that there maybe another sale on a variety of things immediately after this one, anyone care to speak to that?
30% off sale this weekend, FYI
Sale on Sale happened online and in store about a month ago. if their history is anything to go by, a 30% off should be coming in the near future.
There was an email for club monaco fans on facebook, they are offering 10% off online. Code is FBFANS100K not much, but it is something.
I don't see where it says chambray in the description, it is kind of blankety material IRL, but alittle bit thinner, definitely a shirt-jacket kind of thing [edit] I see what you mean! that is the colour, not the fabric, very much not chambray fabric, but indigo/chambray kind of colour scheme
do they make you give it to them in store?
Check Bloor first, then Eaton Centre. Usually very limited suiting at Queen West. The website has alot of selection too, free shipping/returns over $175 too i believe.
what do you mean by 50% off? the sale stuff is 50% less than the sale stuff in other locations? I don't know why they would do this.
Soontimes, Before the end of April is what I heard, I can't remember the exact date.
SOLD OUT on the front makes it sound like the sweater is sold, I was wondering why you bumped if the sweater was sold!
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