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up pockets! up boxpleats! up shipping to canada!!
In my experience nothing I have ever purchased from Land's End has shrunk more than a tiny bit. Even the cotton sweater that I washed in HOT water and then dried on high.
How does Grant compare to the Wright fit? I love the Wright fit trousers, but I feel like that jackets are a little too slim for me.
Can we get a mod in here? I am sure I am not alone in not caring one iota how either of you feel about one another. let's get back to BB. was there anything actually on sale in this last labour day weekend sale? i didn't see anything beyond what was usually in the clearance section.
I KNEW THEY WOULD DO A HOLIDAY WEEKEND PROMO LIKE THIS so I put everything I wanted in my cart I went to put something else in today and a whole bunch of shit was gone.... GAH!
BEAUTIFUL SHOES!just curious, do all rancourts have the size marked into the leather on the tongue bit there? i saw this on a pair of pinch penny loafers at my local BB too.
I can see tank tops made for women not fitting men quite right,( they might have a little bit more space in the chest area? maybe?),... but there is nothing preventing the scarves from being unisex!
well, it is CM, it should go on sale eventually....most of the sportcoats and suiting goes in a flash once they go on sale though.
ah, i can see that. I wear mine button'd all the time, so it isn't as big a deal, gives a handsome roll. but I don't think you'd want to wear them unbuttoned.
Which shirt is this in particular?I find some of the button down collars to be enormous, but most of the spreads and points are about average for me.
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