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Especially when cheap is VERY relative. At $179.50 their 'Barrett' house brand selvedge denim isn't even close to being reasonable. Lots of better options in quality terms for just marginally more money and several options for similar quality and much lower price point.
so stoked the 25% off coupon was good on third party. I grabbed some 3sixteens. Kind of wishing I had picked up some rancourts too.
They are really easy going about this in general, I went back with just the receipt like a month after buying something and they applied the student discount for me.
Cool your jets guy. looks alright to me as far as fit goes, those are giant lapels though and the buttons are really low. doesn't look like a traditional peacoat, but if that is your jam.
these all sold then?
I feel like they are somewhere between TTS and Vanity Sizes. They seem to be drifting towards vanity sizes in general though. I had to size down on the newer Classic Kennedy chinos. Also 10% of regular priced shit until Nov. 1st: FY13URBAND sadly doesn't work on third party stuff, already tried.
I strongly support the idea of a wider belt. I would own 1 in every shade if they were 1.5". is this the one? This trench was from last fall I think, they still have a couple at the eaton centre location I think.
I've gotten the student on suiting. Good knock about suiting for my purposes. Biggest issue: surgeon's cuffs make arm length alterations impossible.
side pleats have been confirmed.
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