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Just to be clear, they seem bigger than the marked size?
Any new men's products in the pipeline?
Edward is a decent OCBD. Matty is good too, I have both and wear mine frequently. They aren't super slim, but if you have some club monaco stuff already the sizing is pretty consistent between the oxford and the other sport shirts.
I bought a pair of SL-100x in 33 and a pair of ST-100x in 34 to try. When I got the package, I pulled out a pair of ST-100x's in 33 and a SL-100x's in 34. I was alittle suprised I couldn't even get the ST's in 33 on! The SL's in 34 fit well for the most part but the back pockets ended about halfway between my knees and my glutes. are the back pockets generally low on 3sixteens?
I really really wish there was a #257 in Navy!
Is the price increase universal,or just for us Canadian suckers?
I think an email about the new Greyers line would make much more sense.
Either there is less stock in the Canadian webstore, or Canadians buy more Club Monaco stuff, or a combination of the two. Therefore, less stock makes it to the sale racks. Also, there was alot more stuff in the Canadian webstore in the sale section around the end of December. I think Canadian folks are more aware of the brilliance that is the CM sale section with the +30% off, or the +50% off. Oh one last thing I have noted, the biggest difference in the sale sections...
Club Monaco flagship on Bloor. In the basement. CSA's don't know anything about the product though, they don't even realize there is a difference between ST and SL
They look super loose in the waist in that last pic, for me that would be too loose. Are these the ST or the SL? if they are ST you might try the SL.
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