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They will not, the US store ships from a warehouse location in the US, the Canadian store ships from somewhere in Mississauga. They will not transfer stock between them and you cannot get shipping to the US from the Canadian store or vice versa.Believe me, I have tried.
Last years Merinos were amazing. I got a navy at the start of the season and wore the hell out of it. Then I realized how sad and empty my life would be without it. When I went to buy a back up, they were on super deep discount so I got charcoal, wheat, olive, maroon and another navy. Well worth it, they all get a fair run out between September and May!
FYI: The Wright is the less conservative of the two cuts. Narrower lapel, shorter in the body, shorter sleeves, buttons at a higher point. Also keep in mind with CM suits that the vast majority have surgeons cuffs, so it won't be worth your time/dollars to shorten the arms if they aren't right. That being said, I love the look and feel of my wright suits. I have the navy hopsack from Spring 2012 I think, and the grey flannel from Fall 2011. oh and Grant has a bit fuller...
Got my first Everlane order last night. Threw on the Merlot french terry crew immediately and I love it. seriously great sweatshirt. Perfect weight and just different enough that it is interesting but not too different so as to be awkward. Has anyone tried to scrape off the screened tag and cut off the washing instructions to wear it inside out? I'd like to see a reverse-reverse french terry sweatshirt (ie. just a regular sweatshirt) in heather grey. I would insta-cop...
They had them out at Eaton Centre in the past few months as well. Good luck trying to find a place to try them on or an SA to help you with them!
Was someone looking for a beige filson?
worked for me.
Not super secret, it is in the FAQ, i think they make you use a .edu account though.
last year there was a sweet pull over anorak in olive green, they had a full range of sizes at Bloor last Monday. I'd grab that if I didn't wear so much green already.
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