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That's great news! Thanks!
Are you still planning a short run of Napolis for July/August?
Certainly not! I've had my Benjamin for about a year and half, worn maybe once every other week or so, and it's doing just fine.That does remind me of a question I've been meaning to ask, though -- are there any long-time owners of Benjamin suits that can share how the Super 140s fabric holds up over time?I've had people ask me about that, since it falls outside of the 120s-130s range that's generally considered a good balance of durability and nice hand. I know there's...
That is awesome of you. Thanks, Ben.By the way -- do you happen to have any mid-grey Classico suit trousers left in size 34? I'm wanting to pick up a second pair.The whole reason why I'm in the market for a new navy suit is because the trousers wore through on my older one. I'd ignored the general advice to buy two pairs of trousers with every suit -- not going to do that again.
Thanks, Ben. Looking foward to it.
Hi Ben -- when are you expecting new Benjamin suits? I suddenly find myself in the market for a staple navy in 38S.
Understood. I like a high gorge, too -- I'm 5'7" and can use all the help I can get to lengthen vertical lines! The sample's gorge is higher than I prefer, but certainly not a deal-breaker for me.Glad you're lowering the button stance.
Beautiful as is.If I were to get nit-picky -- I'd like the lapel gorge a bit lower (lined up your collar points), the button stance a smidge lower (I like showing more tie and shirt), and maybe a barchetta breast pocket.Still like it as is, though.The right arm seems a bit indented just below the shoulder. I actually have that problem, too, on most jackets I try on (including the Benjamin Classicos and Granoros)... think either due to narrow shoulders or slightly hunched...
I think these are key insights.There's been a lot of concern in this thread about cannibalizing sales from the existing Benjamin line, but I also think this is a good opportunity to reach folks who otherwise wouldn't have checked you out -- that is, folks with a $250 budget who'd stretch another $100 if it meant a much better product.Maybe this is just me, but I think that $100, $250, and $500 represent key psychological barriers, where people maybe pause a little longer...
I don't have much experience in this realm, but from what I've read, a saturated market isn't necessarily a bad thing -- it means others have gone before you and found demand. Think of pretty much any successful company today, and they probably weren't the first to market -- they just executed better than the competition. Trying to enter a market where you don't see ANY competition suggests that maybe no one wants what you're offering at the price you're charging.My gut...
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