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Ordered a medium grey Classico. So glad these are back in stock ... thank you!
It's not about need ... kinda more like being a high roller in Vegas. The house gives the big spenders a few incentives to spend even more.
Any updates on this?Not that I've been checking the site daily, or anything ...
Figure I'd do my part and add to the testimonials about Benjamin suits. I'm a bit under 5'7", ~165lbs (I've got a belly), and measure up as approximately a 37S. Here's a few pics of me wearing a charcoal "Granoro" Benjamin in 38S. I sized up instead of down with advice from Mike at eHaberdasher, and that seems to have been the right way to go. Pants are (obviously) unhemmed in the pic. I'd prefer slightly narrower shoulders, but then, I often have that problem (being a...
Do you have a width for the Battisti?
Sorry to hear this. I'm really hoping to purchase a mid-grey 38S after trying a 38S in charcoal. I took a few fit pics, tried a few other brands, and there's no doubt the Benjamin suit fits me the best so far, but I don't know if I can wait till July.Dare I ask the status on the sport coats? I'm hoping to pick up a staple blue or navy blazer, in cashmere or a nice hopsack.
That is my real name. It made for a difficult childhood.
On a related note, how do I get these coffee stains out? Can a run-of-the-mill dry cleaner handle that, or should I send them to Rave Fabricare?
These are my coffee-stained Incotex trousers. Anyone who's been looking at shoes in this thread will no doubt recognize the carpet from the second floor of the W San Francisco, the venue for StyleForum's 10th Anniversary festivities. About an hour earlier, my wife, 10-month old son and I were at the Starbucks down the street from the hotel, having just checked out of the W. It was the morning after the O'Mast screening, and I had just finished browsing this very thread...
Good morning, all ... so who was the person taking pictures at the door?
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