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Good morning, all ... so who was the person taking pictures at the door?
I think you could use the extra length of a 41/42L, based on the side view -- the jacket should fully cover the curve where your rear meets your leg, unless you're going for a more fashion-forward look.The suit otherwise fits you very, very well. I'm impressed.
Not sure about corrected grain, but almost certainly not shell cordovan.
Yeah.Try to disregard everything below the armholes.
Second vote for roped shoulder two button.In fact, I'd love it if the shoulders could pretty much look like this.That is, slight roping with a more aggressive slope than the current Granoro (though now that I look my fit pics in the Granoro, it's already fairly close to this).3 roll 2.5 with natural shoulders sounds brilliant.I wouldn't go with a single-breasted peak. And I say that as a guy who owns one as his staple navy suit (which I hope to replace with a Benjamin...).
Awesome ... just in time for my 30th birthday on May 2nd!
I think the soft shoulder, hip patch pockets, and contrasting buttons will avoid the orphaned suit jacket look, especially if the fabric doesn't look as smooth as a typical worsted wool.I like the idea of brown horn or corozo buttons. MOP would be my next choice.So you're still figuring out the details of the jackets? Does this mean we're not seeing them in April?
So now that I've tried a Riviera, can you give us a sense of how the new natural-shoulder Benjamin sport coats are expected to fit in comparison to the Rivieras? I'm particularly interested in any differences in the shoulders, length, and button stance, but any other details would be great, too.
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