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It has nothing to do with editors, I can tell you that. I always figured it's automated by Tumblr -- probably number of notes a new post receives within a short time period.
Think we can get Hackett through Yoox, maybe direct from Hackett, too. Those look great -- what would shipping/duties look like if a US customer wanted to order them from the UK site? Can we even do that?
Hey guys, just throwing in my two cents as a #menswear tag editor.For what it's worth, I don't find pursuing a bigger follower count to be a fulfilling enterprise, because it says nothing about how engaged or interested the followers are in your content. If you're one of hundreds of Tumblrs that someone else follows, it's a good bet they rarely see your posts, if ever. I'm subscribed to just over a hundred Tumblrs, and that's already overwhelming, so I only closely follow...
Wait -- are these already on the site?
Definitely interested, with measurements.
That sounds like a headache. But yes, it would be great if you post swatches.By the way, random question -- just received my Classico back from the tailor. It's the first time I've tried this guy out, and I appreciated his attention to detail. I noticed that there were rubber grippers on the waistband of the trousers, and a bit of fabric tape at the hem. Were these included with the suit?
Speaking of sport coats, any updates on the Benjamin sport coats? I've been looking for a F/W odd jacket for a few months, and have just been striking outs. Seeing any swatches would be especially nice.
Hey Ben -- it just occurred to me that your packages ship from New Jersey. Hope everyone is safe and doing well after hurricane.
I'd size up. I'm a 37.5" chest, 5'7" and went with the 38S.
Picked then up on eBay so I'm not positive, but I think it's US market.
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