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Not everyone's on the email list ....And I was totally kidding. I want Ben to succeed, too.I was pretty happy to see some of the Lardinis have sleeves with attached, non-functional buttons. The functional cuffs aren't fun to deal with if you need sleeves shortened.
Yeah, about that? It was an accident.On my phone's Tumblr app, the question got cut off at the "You're welcome to corroborate my story with him. User name is productoftheinternet.
Anyone else have an order "in preparation" for over two weeks? They've already charged my PayPal account. Emailed support last week to see if they knew why it hadn't shipped, and all they said is they'd forward the request to the appropriate department. I get that the polar vortex or whatever hit in that time period, but it seems unusually long.
He's really good about responding to PMs here, if that helps.
For context, what are your chest size and height?
They are stackable on Corporate Discount days. At least, they were stackable for the last two Corporate sales.
5'7", 165 lbs, 38 chest. Went with a 38S.It's a beautiful jacket -- the backlit picture doesn't do the fabric justice. I tried adjusting the saturation and contrast slightly, but it's still off -- brown is more golden than grey, blue windowpane overcheck is more subdued. Lovely hand on the fabric, too.I own two Benjamin suits -- one Classico and one Napoli -- and I'd say the sport coat fits me better than both. As you can see, there's absolutely no wrinkling or pulling or...
I've never run a business and don't know much about these things, but I'm sure part of the reason why Yoox beats Mr. Porter on prices is because they don't have garment measurements and poor product descriptions. You'd have to pay people to do that extra work, and that extra cost gets added to their prices. Yoox works and is successful for now because a huge, hyper-efficient warehouse is better for cost savings than reducing return rates.I've been blacklisted from STP's...
New Posts  All Forums: