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Voting for half-lined. FWIW, I'm happy with the Classico. I understand it didn't work out for some people, but I don't get the sense that most people had fit issues, only a select few who knew they could offer feedback here.
Ben -- will you include a brown jacket with the new Benjamin sport coats? And do you have an ETA on when those might arrive?
Can't speak for those among us in finance or law, but for the contexts that I wear a suit, natural shoulders are perfectly acceptable.The classic American sack suit has natural shoulders, and I don't think I've ever heard of that being inappropriate for business. The only thing I can think of that might make it inappropriate for a business setting is patch pockets.
Lightly-padded. Strong if you like really natural shoulders, but comparable to, say, J. Crew. In fact, I'd say your typical J. Crew Ludlow has stronger shoulders than the Classico.
Pretty much everything in the above paragraph sounds awesome ... new Napoli model ... special order Classicos ... I'm assuming special order only applies to suits and not the new Benjamin sport coats, right?I'd love to try out the Napoli ... I'm happy with my Classico, but on me the shoulders could be about a half-inch narrower.
Any chance you can post swatches? I'm really happy with my medium grey Classico, and I'm planning to save up for a second suit ... or a third.Also, any updates on the Benjamin sportcoats? Those swatches looked pretty great. (Link for anyone interested).
Ordered a medium grey Classico. So glad these are back in stock ... thank you!
It's not about need ... kinda more like being a high roller in Vegas. The house gives the big spenders a few incentives to spend even more.
Any updates on this?Not that I've been checking the site daily, or anything ...
Figure I'd do my part and add to the testimonials about Benjamin suits. I'm a bit under 5'7", ~165lbs (I've got a belly), and measure up as approximately a 37S. Here's a few pics of me wearing a charcoal "Granoro" Benjamin in 38S. I sized up instead of down with advice from Mike at eHaberdasher, and that seems to have been the right way to go. Pants are (obviously) unhemmed in the pic. I'd prefer slightly narrower shoulders, but then, I often have that problem (being a...
New Posts  All Forums: