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Dunno if anyone here is on their email list, but they sent out a goodbye message a couple days ago. The wording is a bit ambiguous, so it's hard to tell if they're talking about LEC shutting down, or just the separate LEC email list.There was talk here and over on reddit's mfa that this is the end, and that LEC failed. Maybe this is just me being contrarian, but I think the opposite is happening -- LEC won, and is quietly taking over Lands' End in a bid to compete more...
Here's a cell phone shot of the post-alterations Napoli.
Ah ... I should mention, I sized up one in the trousers since I found the original Classico trousers too tight in the thighs--they kinda clung to the back of my leg. Since you didn't happen to have any navy Napoli trousers available in size 34, I went with a size 34 Classico instead.So yes, they're a bit loose. Not yet decided on whether I'll have to the tailor do anything about it.Speaking of the tailor -- I'm off now to pick up the Napoli. I had the sleeves shortened and...
Haha, no ... I'm generously 5'7".It may be the angle, but it could also be that my gut and considerable rear are pushing up the jacket. I've lost a few pounds since I took those pics, and the tailor didn't see a need to let out the jacket any when I took it to him a couple weeks ago, so maybe the length is adjusted accordingly.FWIW, I'd say the grey is about where I like the length of the jackets I wear, and the navy is teeeeeeny bit short, but acceptable.
Here are some fit pics -- the navy jacket is an unaltered Napoli, the grey jacket is a Classico after a morning of wear. Classico's probably also due for a good steam and cleaning.
I'll have to check the pictures I took, but I think it's both arms. And I do encounter this issue with other brands (Boglioli comes to mind). I haven't had the sleeve pitch fixed because I've heard that's an expensive and difficult operation, and it doesn't bother me that much.I do notice that if I move my arms forward slightly, the sleeves clean up considerably, so I'm guessing it needs a counter-clockwise rotation.
I own a Classico and a Napoli, and sleeve pitch is an issue I've run into for both. It's something I can live with, though, since I don't think most people notice or care outside of iGents. Maybe I'll post pics later.Overall, though, I'm very happy with both. I dropped off my Napoli for alterations yesterday, and the tailor was very impressed with it, asking me where I got it from and how much I paid. He was very surprised when I said $525.
The Filson. Pretty sure you can get a pair of black Park Avenues on eBay in excellent condition for around $130. I got mine for $90.
Current sale isn't that great, but Ruelala has sold Golden Fleece and full canvas Fitzgerald fit suits in the past.
I don't own a Citi card, but I don't see why not.Note that the eBates discount (and presumably, the citi discount) are on what you actually pay. So eBates would send you 6% cashback on whatever the price is after you apply the Yoox code.
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