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Haha, I'm actually getting the opposite. Korea Post says my package is in San Francisco; United States Postal Service says it's at the origin preparing shipment.
Funny thing is, I'm actually more antsy now that I have tracking than before when I didn't know if the jacket would ever come. Before, I took the attitude that the money I paid a year ago was long gone and there's nothing I can really do about it anymore.Now that I have tracking, I'm wondering why the last update was over 48 hours ago. Why's my jacket been sitting in an airport for two days? Why hasn't it been loaded onto a delivery vehicle today? Did @shadykay sf actually...
Yeah, I just dropped my code in Google and it pointed me to USPS.Oh cool -- it actually tells you which flight you're package is coming on. Sweet!
This manlet (5'7") just got tracking on a brown lamb CWU. Order Dec. 8 2013; confirmed measurements on Dec 18, 2014. Doing my part to save the vibe of this thread.
SFFRSHIP for free shipping on $150 minimum purchase.
That's too bad -- if the cashmere herringbone was available in 38S, I'd have picked it up in heartbeat.Now I'm variously talking myself in and out of the extra inch of length for the 38R, going for the grey plaid 38S, or just holding out for more jackets in a later run. Decisions ...
Not always. I'd definitely make an exception for these.
Hi Ben -- can you share anything about what fabrics you have for the new sportcoats? I'm in the market for a grey fall/winter jacket (tweed, cashmere, etc); I'm tempted to take advantage of one of the many sales going on right now, but I'll definitely hold out for a Benjamin if they're still on track to drop around Christmas.
Today's my TOJ order anniversary. This is an awesome anniversary present.
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