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OK, Ben, I gotta ask -- what's this "Sartorial Home" exclusive you mentioned in your latest newsletter?
I'm not sure that the bride will be very happy with everyone staring at the guy in the mint suit.Dunno if other people caught it, but OP is a "bridesman"; he'll be standing with the bridesmaids opposite the groomsmen.OP, as the only guy on the brides' side, you're going to draw attention to yourself whether you like it or not. Your best bet is to try to be discreet by wearing a light grey or khaki suit. Matching tie if you must.
I KNEW you had a label for Distorbiant.
I just picked up a pair a month or two ago. Kind of a cliché, but I prefer them when my overall outfit is more subdued--like navys and various shades of grey.
ok.Rugger asked for what combos to wear, not necessarily for "unique" or "interesting".
Reposting a guide from a classic thread:
I dunno, you tell me:
I just got notice that my nearest store is closing. Does anyone know if they do closeout sales for in-store inventory when this happens?
The missus picked up my jacket from the post office today. Swung home at lunch and had just enough time to unbox, make sure everything was in order, and snap a picture with my phone. Brown lamb CWU. For those who missed it earlier: ordered December 2013, measurements confirmed December 2014, tracking January 9th, delivery attempted January 15th. EMS box was surprisingly small; jacket inside was folded in a TOJ tote. I'm not an expert on this stuff, but the lambskin...
FWIW, USPS just tried to deliver my jacket, but I wasn't home so I'll have to pick it up from the post office tomorrow.
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