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Can we get more details about this? Will they be based on the 3" lapel model or the 3.75"? Similar shoulder construction? Would the full canvas give more of a lapel roll?
Fair enough ... that's still a bit of a drive. Is there anything closer than 75 miles?
Can anyone recommend a good place to have denim hemmed in the Sacramento area? As best as I can tell, there isn't a chain stitch machine within a hundred-mile radius ...
OK, Ben, I gotta ask -- what's this "Sartorial Home" exclusive you mentioned in your latest newsletter?
I'm not sure that the bride will be very happy with everyone staring at the guy in the mint suit.Dunno if other people caught it, but OP is a "bridesman"; he'll be standing with the bridesmaids opposite the groomsmen.OP, as the only guy on the brides' side, you're going to draw attention to yourself whether you like it or not. Your best bet is to try to be discreet by wearing a light grey or khaki suit. Matching tie if you must.
I KNEW you had a label for Distorbiant.
I just picked up a pair a month or two ago. Kind of a cliché, but I prefer them when my overall outfit is more subdued--like navys and various shades of grey.
ok.Rugger asked for what combos to wear, not necessarily for "unique" or "interesting".
Reposting a guide from a classic thread:
I dunno, you tell me:
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