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I'm also in the "basted sleeves, sleeve buttons unattached" camp.
Yes and yes!What would MTO let us specify? Just the fabric?
For what it's worth, I'm also a 38 who prefers a 17.5" shoulder. When Ben released the Napoli suits (which the Nobile is based on) I was certain 18" would be too wide. I think it actually looks fantastic:https://instagram.com/p/gRGtolNWFF/Sorry for the Instagram link; on mobile at the moment and can't easily insert pictures.
I like the 8cm lapels on Classico and Napoli suits, but I LOVE the 9cm lapels on the Blue Label sport coat.
Ben, can you share the difference between the "Nobile" and the older "Napoli" suits?
Not sure if it makes a difference at this point, but I'll throw in a vote for the wider 3.75" lapels. That number looked ridiculously wide to me online, and I really like the 3" lapel on the Benjamin Sartorial suits, but when I was actually hands on with both "Naturale" and "Naturale Nuovo" jackets, something about the wider lapel looked so much better--"balanced", for lack of a better word. It won me over.
Shhhhhh ...
Can we get more details about this? Will they be based on the 3" lapel model or the 3.75"? Similar shoulder construction? Would the full canvas give more of a lapel roll?
Fair enough ... that's still a bit of a drive. Is there anything closer than 75 miles?
Can anyone recommend a good place to have denim hemmed in the Sacramento area? As best as I can tell, there isn't a chain stitch machine within a hundred-mile radius ...
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