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Not always. I'd definitely make an exception for these.
Hi Ben -- can you share anything about what fabrics you have for the new sportcoats? I'm in the market for a grey fall/winter jacket (tweed, cashmere, etc); I'm tempted to take advantage of one of the many sales going on right now, but I'll definitely hold out for a Benjamin if they're still on track to drop around Christmas.
Today's my TOJ order anniversary. This is an awesome anniversary present.
Each platform has its own unique characteristics and communities. I think a consideration of their relative advantages or disadvantages won’t offer much clarity without a higher-level consideration of your goals and what you’re trying to achieve.For what it’s worth, I have Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, and I only find Tumblr really worthwhile for anything.But then, my goals may be very different than yours.
The trousers are fairly slim in the thighs. If you have bigger thighs, I'd size up to the 36. If you have normal thighs, I'd let out a 34.
Not everyone's on the email list ....And I was totally kidding. I want Ben to succeed, too.I was pretty happy to see some of the Lardinis have sleeves with attached, non-functional buttons. The functional cuffs aren't fun to deal with if you need sleeves shortened.
Yeah, about that? It was an accident.On my phone's Tumblr app, the question got cut off at the "You're welcome to corroborate my story with him. User name is productoftheinternet.
Anyone else have an order "in preparation" for over two weeks? They've already charged my PayPal account. Emailed support last week to see if they knew why it hadn't shipped, and all they said is they'd forward the request to the appropriate department. I get that the polar vortex or whatever hit in that time period, but it seems unusually long.
New Posts  All Forums: