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Can anyone tell me a little more about this jacket based on this label? The other label reads "MACO Soragna," which I assume means it's from Ma.Co. aka Caruso, but no one confirmed that when I posted the label in another thread. Any other information regarding quality relative to other MaCo-produced lines (RLBL, Caruso, Adriano & Sons) would be appreciated. Also, when I bought it, it was listed as 60% Abaca (aka Manila hemp), but the only translations I can find of...
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but can anyone confirm that this label is the same "Ma. Co" mentioned above? I've searched SF and Caruso's site, and while I'm fairly certain they're one and the same, I haven't seen another picture of a label to confirm. If it is Ma. Co., would anyone know how this compares to other Caruso-produced lines (RLBL, Adriano & Sons, Raffaele Caruso Sartoria Parma)?
Yup. I wonder about how thoroughly they check returns, too -- I received a blazer once that was missing a button.
Here's a kind of reverse question ... I'm really familiar with LEC's fit, but not Uniqlo. How would an LEC small compare with a Uniqlo small? The size chart on Uniqlo UK's site kinda suggests it fits bigger, which is the exact opposite impression I got of the brand.
Quote: Originally Posted by phxlawstudent Right, but how is Sears going to know the order # and date? Whenever I return stuff those are the only two things they need. Maybe if you mail them in, they'll just give you store credit for the least amount of money they sold for recently. I highly suggest just calling them and asking. Anything we say is anecdotal. My first Lands' End return was a gift. They'll ask for the person's name and...
Quote: Originally Posted by pimpmystyle Overall, I think LEC was rushed into production. Their sizing is both inconsistent and to a large extent, an unrealistic estimation of what young adults can and will wear. They relied too heavily on social media for visibility, and spent too little time actually researching what a normal human body looks like. I think this is overly harsh. Every indication I've seen is that this was a well thought out...
I'm sure he's already well-known, but I just wanted to note that RJMan is a great seller; prompt in PMs and shipping. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by pimpmystyle You've really got to be suspicious about the endless stream of coupons distributed by canvas. Borders did the same thing to try to maintain market share and they're about to go into bankruptcy. The market has spoken: you can't support a clothing line by catering to SF'ers. The endless stream of coupons seemed to be the norm for Lands' End even before Canvas came around. Not saying Canvas is in good...
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