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Yes! I love the idea of a double-breasted model, too, but I'd like something that can do double duty for casual outfits, and I think single-breasted does a better job there.
Something fairly basic, honestly -- navy wool, single-breasted. Maybe with wider lapels than what's widely available at the moment.
@eHaberdasher, have you ever considered offering Benjamin tailored outerwear? I've been in the market for a topcoat, and everything I come across makes me wish someone had a coat with your label's value.
They didn't have to (though I've had Morrow's do that in the past). They were fake stitched buttonholes, rather than functional ones. I wouldn't think twice about that being an issue, but in an affiliate thread on here folks were saying their tailors said it was tricky to remove that kind of stitching without leaving a mark.The new guy at Morrow's said that's not a problem; if I recall correctly he said the bigger issue is determining if there's enough overlapping material...
Yes, thanks for sharing!For what it's worth, I brought in something to Morrow's in November or December and the new guy there helped me out. I liked his manner -- chatty, personable, a little irreverent. I had a question on how they were going to do a sleeve alteration with pre-sewn buttonholes, and he took the time to draw a diagram of how a sleeve's constructed and showed me how they'd handle the work. They also turned around fast; asked for a week due to the holidays...
Adding my thumbs up for the changes ... I tried the Bella Spallas, and found I like the wider lapels of the Blue Label's better. I also think they'll benefit from a lower button stance, and I appreciate unattached sleeve buttons.Also, YES on preorders and YES on odd trousers; I'd love to see a Benjamin Sartorial flannel trouser.By the way -- can you share the waist measurement for the Benjamin shirts in size 15?
@mrchariybrown, any idea when the suede options will be available?
Hey Ben -- do you have measurements for the new Tremici/Giacomo shirts in size 15? I remember a while back you said it was a slightly fuller fit than the old Giacomo shirts, but I can't tell if the measurements on the site are for the old ones or the new ones.
Thanks, Ben. I just saw your latest email mentioned "Benjamin Sartorial Vests" coming soon. Will these be sweater vests, outerwear, or tailored?
Ben, any word on when we can expect another batch of Benjamin sport coats? Will the full-canvas ones be coming any time soon?
New Posts  All Forums: