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Out of curiosity, how does the short-lived Napoli fit compare to these? My go-to navy suit is a Benjamin Napoli, and I love the fit and silhouette, especially the shoulders.
For what it's worth, I received two MTO jackets in midnight hopsack from the most recent batch--I couldn't decide on a size, and Ben and Colleen graciously sent both a 36S and a 38S. Both jackets roll correctly to the middle button. 36S 38S
You're the first person I've seen on Styleforum who hasn't jumped on the opportunity to wear something desirable and impractical WITH spousal co-sign. More often the conversation is around how to get spousal approval ... or hide it. "This velvet jacket? Oh I've had it a while."
Both pictures were taken at roughly the same angle by my very gracious wife on two different days.Re: trousers -- yeah, cut on those aren't great. Holding out for the ones you're releasing in July. Jacket feels fine under the armpits, not tight at all. It's sounding like there won't be a whole lot of allowance to let these out at the waist though, huh?
So this is kinda embarrassing, but here you go ...I've gained about 20 lbs. since October, and where my chest used to measure somewhere between a 36 and a 38, it now measures more like 38.5". And my waist has expanded, too ... Needless to say, I'm going with a 38S.Two more observations on these jackets:The brown plaid I'm wearing is fantastic--beautiful fabric with a great hand and nice weight to the cloth.They come with hefty eHaberdasher wooden hangers. Nice touch.
Interesting, thanks. I saw the 36R had a length of 28.5", which matches the length of my 38S Classico suit. It's a length I'm used to, so my instinct drew me to it.Just got in the 36S and 38S Bella Spalla jackets I ordered to try on. Both are beautiful jackets. Something I appreciated that I don't think comes through on the product photos: the top of the hip patch pockets aren't straight, they slope down toward the front.Here are my observations to maybe help others decide...
Ah! I was wondering about the measurements on the site, so I ordered a 38S and 36S to try on before putting in my MTO order. Noticed the jackets are quite short, too; I might be more of a 36R.
This might have something to do with it.
A couple thoughts: I like the lapels at 9cm. Wouldn't change to 9.5cm. Putting in another vote for a 3-roll-2 front, and half-canvas instead of completely unstructured. I'm in for one of the navy summer fabrics, probably the wool. Interested in the fall/winter navy Marlane, too. While I think a later MTO batch for it makes sense, a July delivery ensures it will be ready for the colder months. Also interested in the fresco trousers, both colors. I just got some birthday...
I'd be in on one or two of the navys, especially with brown horn buttons or similar.Is the 380 gr Marlane winter weight or year round? My go-to navy blazer doesn't fit me that well anymore and I've been waiting for the Benjamin spring/summer MTOs as a potential replacement.
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