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Thanks Frank, that really helped!
Hi Franck, that's a great fit! May I ask what is your size for Rivet and Walt?
Green shell and jeans, very very very nice!!
Hey Mike, Thanks for the very informative response as always! I'll try all the options to get the white residue off, and I do have a steamer and will try that as well.
I always wash before taking to a tailor. The problem is when the iron is too hot, there is some descoloring in the front/back crease. Next time I'll try with medium heat iron or just iron the whole trouser and set the crease by hitting with the back of a brush.
I still have two new cotton walts I want to iron myself to see if I can solve this as I don't want to give up, they fit so nicely.
Took my black slim walt regiment twill trouser to the dryclean to get pressed, and it's returned with a white crease in the front/back. Is this normal with cotton trousers? Maybe iron set to too high temperature? Is there a way to restore to its original color? Appreciate any help. BTW, this happened to the navy trouser also, I guess happens with all dark colors.
Thank you!
Grant last is really great! sorry for the iphone pics.
I believe the best option is to just call, and keep calling, eventually they will have what you are after.
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