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I've been trying to figure out my bow tie, but every single time my "knot" is too loose and if I tighten it the left side bow becomes too large. I have the bow tie set to the smallest setting of 13.5in. You can see the left end is way to long. Any tips on how to fix this problem. Photo attached.
For those who lift weight, how do you tailor your clothes? I usually lift for 6 months and get big and then forget about it for another 6 months and shrink. It's like a yoyo. What really suffers is my clothes. If I gain some weight then my clothes that fit great, no longer do and vice versa. Anyone else have this problem?
Any decent suit shop will have a tailor that can mold the suit to your body. For 500 euros you can get a nice one! Especially for being your first!
I don't want to make my groomsman buy a new suit for we wedding. They all have darkish grey suits. As long as no one has light grey, is a mix of darker grey suits ok?
Hi, I have a few questions regarding my wedding: 1. Can I wear a bow tie with a three piece suit? 2. Can I wear a bow tie and the 4 other groomsman wear a neck tie? 3. Can I wear a three piece suit and my 4 other groomsman wear two piece? thanks!!
I was over in London, Barcelona and Rome last month. It was an eye opener in style for sure. I saw tons of fantastic styles that guys were wearing. But I live in milwaukee and can't find anything remotely like I saw. The only store I think we have that sells some decent clothes is Detour. Anyone know of good shops in milwaukee that sell euro style? Maybe I have to goto chicago? I dunno, there was a store on Rome's main shopping district where I would have bought the...
The internet is a dangerous place!
Sorry to hear this! RIP
I'm a no frills guy. I take a shower. Shave and then use lotion. Then out the door!
Supposed to be good for the immune system, but I've never taken it. I'm sure it's not needed.
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