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looks like the same pants can be had from epaulet for $82 right now on sale.
don't suppose these are still available?
70 shipped?
interested in the pictures
I searched a couple pages back and didn't find exactly what I was looking for so I figured I'd start a thread. I'm having a bespoke three piece suit made by Frank Ercole. I need to find a nice white dress shirt that is of a slim cut but still looks decent with my shoulders. To give you an idea, I'm about 5'11, 167-170lbs. I'm by no means jacked but I rock climb 2-3 times a week so my upper body is slightly more muscular than my lower body. I can have a bespoke shirt...
How much time should I budget for a proper appointment. Hoping to go see Frank in Brooklyn on Saturday and I have some other errands to run so I'm trying to plan my day. Thanks again for all the help!
Given that I've never had an MTM or bespoke suit made before, what kind of questions should I be asking Frank when I meet with him? The mean temperature where I'm getting married in Maine in May is roughly 56 degrees with a record high of 77 degrees but an avg high of 62. Both the ceremony and the reception are right close to the water. The tent will have flaps and heaters to keep people warm. The reason I ask all of this, is I don't know what kind of fabric's I should...
How far out does one usually have to book appointments? Living in boston, I'm somewhat limited to the weekends.
How much do the MTM suits usually go for vs bespoke? Getting married in late May and thinking MTM might work better with my timeline?
I have a pair of SExDBxSxS12 in sz31 but I really need a sz 32. Would prefer to trade but willing to buy a pair outright assuming they are in decent condition.
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