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Drakes + Mazzy
They are the regular straight 12oz. Sized up one in the waist. So versatile.
Buttero. Big John. Burgundy Eidos field jacket.
What's my Barbanera size? 41.5 Vass F 41 Buttero lows
Obligatory San Francisco trunk show request. Likelihood Formosa would make the trip? I will certainly not the mistake of missing out on MTO Inglese next time.
Which of the MTO offerings for the Eidos field jackets are comparable in weight to the Burgundy field jacket of this season? I can't seem to find it on the website any longer, but it is the sexiest jacket I own. I would love a Navy make up in a similar weight for our mild winters.
Looks great. Leave the sleeves alone. It's outerwear and is fine without too polished a look. Mine are a little long too. Depending upon what I'm wearing, sometime I curl the cuffs a tad, other times the sleeves bunch up just right on top of a sweater for optimal length. I'd leave em be if it were me.
My only offer for the suggestion box would be an additional RTW dress shirt option (similar to Mazzy of years past) with a little bit of extra room. I think MTM Inglese would be great for me if I wasn't so lazy and in need of instant gratification, though it is tempting since Greg was quite busy during the last SF trunk show getting measurements. I would love to collect more dress shirts from NMWA; another option with slightly less trim chest and arms than the current...
New Posts  All Forums: