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[[SPOILER]] Excellent. Thanks for the follow up. I'm a little shorter, but perhaps slightly broader across the chest. Looks like a trim-fitting L is the way to go.
Awesome. I'll check back.
[[SPOILER]] Lawyerdad, I just noticed that you're wearing an oxford underneath. Any pics without? I'd probably not wear it with anything more than an undershirt. Curious how the built up crew neck collar looks without the button-down, if you had any.
Thanks guys. Great shots. I wear an Inis L and have a OS L in another knit. Sounds like I should stick with L.
Any pics of this much too slept on Oliver Spencer linen sweater in the wild? If not, any chance of getting NMWA to model a shot for us?
I'm a pretty consistent 16.5" neck size, so the 42 Inglese was pushing it, but probably workable after a few washes. Based on the measurements, I think the neck of the 43 would be a bit much to grow into, unfortunately. Major bummer.
Are any of the Inglese shirts a bit more forgiving in the cut of the chest? Doesn't seem so based on spot checking, but thought I'd check. The Inglese cut is fantastic, if a bit aggressive everywhere, though I'd love an extra finger of space in the chest of the 42 -- the 117cm vs the 118cm (Inglese vs Mazz) turned out to be a bigger difference than I anticipated, causing some pulling.
Andreas in Milbrae gets my clothing. Does a great job. Near the bart/caltrain station, so doable without wheels.
II love this tie. Cool Bay Area spring makes it possible to get some wear out of it. It is so incredibly versatile.
Mazzarelli + Bigi + Calabrese
New Posts  All Forums: