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Awesome. I'm going to order one or two Formosa stock suits/sport coats today just to try to nail down my sizing. NMWA folks, please forgive me.
Inis. Unless you can pull off the Frank C. Wood above, I'm not a fan of the mock necks, though the tropical climates here might have something to do with that.
Awesome intel.
That's super helpful. Sounds like we are the same size except I'm a little shorter in height. I also took the GRP in a 5. I'm going to grab the XL, since it is unlikely I'll ever wear a t-shirt underneath, and it already looks a little snug those pics of the L.Btw, two more questions : (1) does the collar have the ability to turn up on the cardigan similar to the GRP? (2) What size do you take in the SS Figaria sweater? I tried the 6 (which is what I have in the SS...
[[SPOILER]] The XL looks great. What's your typical Inis size? Coat size?
My wife got in the act today. She has seen so many NMWA boxes lately, that she decided to join the party with a surprise gift for me. Navy Portegna card holder:
Want so hard. Sizing advice please? I took an L in the Inis grey blend corran cam v-neck sweater and a 5L in the GRP knitted jacket. Should I expect a similar fit such that an L may also work in this Inis cardigan?Will not sleep on this.
Whoa. Those donegal trousers... F--k.
Foment an insurrection and convince Greg to change his mind? This is an idea. I've been holding the trigger on Inglese due to some of the prior comments from folks regarding the highly tailored chest and waist.
As the owner of several Mazz, and now because of Stitch's excitement last night, including the "Red Stripe", there's no reason to wait. That shirt is a STEAL at this price. I now own all of them NMWA had to offer. If it is Ferrari red or maroon, I'll find a casual fit for it!
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