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Damn you guys are fast. Entire rack of Size L in the Document melange sweater is gone. Ugh.
Awesome.TTS? If one is a L Inis, L in the Blue/grey melange should work?
I don't have a Facebook account, but I will be attending. I will also bring a couple like-minded friends. I will send a few of the items that I would like to try on via email.
There are a few of us around. Let us know what level of help you need, and since some of us are down the peninsula, whether or not you need help specifically in SF.
Not so sure that's true here in the Bay anymore. Last winter did not bring a single occasion for my overcoats. Notwithstanding, I still want a Memory coat.
I usually wear a SS VI, but if it runs a bit large, a V might works best. PM me where you are located. If you decide to try a smaller size, we might be able to work something out.
Oh no... are those perforated brown lows not going to be available? I couldn't get my act together in time for the pre-order. I'll hope for an abandoned size 41....
Seems a little snug in the chest area. A wash or two may see it draw up a bit as well.
Received the SS Allure "dune" coat as a gift from my wife -- WOW. Photos do not do this coat justice, and I would have continued to sleep on this but for her better judgment. I know (hope) NMWA is still planning the Bay Area trunk show this Fall, but even if they are simply small productions with a few select items, a small road show with sample wares would basically lead to a NMWA subscription where I tithe over my monthly discretionary budget. Do. Not. Sleep.
New Posts  All Forums: