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Concur with Greg here. I did just this. Eidos suit coat under Eidos field jacket. I think my feedback regarding sizing mostly applies to shorter guys (i.e.,
I believe it was the oatmeal jacket they have in stock.
For what it's worth, I tried the field jacket on for size yesterday at Bloomingdales. I also tried their Eidos suit (whatever cut it is). Whereas the suit 52 fit me mostly OK, if not a little too trim in the arms, the field jacket in a 52 is cut much bigger in every dimension. For a better fit in the body (especially the length), I would probably need to size down to the 50. This may be the case for many of us shorter folks.
I just went through this with the Norweger myself. I am a consistent 9 US, 8 Carmina. I originally bought the Norweger in a 42 and it was a little too big, with some slight heel slippage that I wasn't comfortable with. It would have probably been OK with an insole or thicker socks, but I could tell it was not an optimal l fit. I sized down to the 41.5 and it is perfect. I would try the 41 if I were you based on my anecdote. This is consistent with some of the subsequent...
Enough of the suggestion box. More fit pics, please!
This would be a nice get. I, too, love the quality/craftsmanship of the Inglese, but don't have the physique for the cuts. Mazz was a nice alternative.
This. Particularly with respect to the Japanese brands that I've not seen outside of Tokyo. Looking forward to next season's stock.
If I recall, Mazzarelli was not picked up again after the first season. They fit me perfectly as well, which is why I bought all of them except the white which was gone before I could get to it. I have even considered getting it in a neck size up and hitting the gym an extra day a week because they fit so well off the rack.
[[SPOILER]]That's my mistake. The top left is the lone Drakes that I picked up in this order, actually: Drakes rust hopsack. Looks like it is out, but as Greg mentioned above, the restock notifier comes through quite often.
New Posts  All Forums: