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Thanks, mate.
Lots of NMWA today: Vass Norwegers, Schneider Gemini, Mazarelli button down. Apologies for poor quality.
It was nearly 70 today in this part of norcal
Any approximations of the weights for the coats? Just trying to rationalize my need for one of these in CA.
Suspected as much.
Perhaps so. Though if I recall, Chartreuse does share some Absinthe like qualities. For me, the Absinthe wash makes all the difference in the Sazerac.
As a native of the Big Easy, I've never had a Sazerac without Absinthe. The Chartreuse seems like a slight, yet interesting departure from my experiences with the Sazerac. I'll have to try it.
Concur with Greg here. I did just this. Eidos suit coat under Eidos field jacket. I think my feedback regarding sizing mostly applies to shorter guys (i.e.,
I believe it was the oatmeal jacket they have in stock.
For what it's worth, I tried the field jacket on for size yesterday at Bloomingdales. I also tried their Eidos suit (whatever cut it is). Whereas the suit 52 fit me mostly OK, if not a little too trim in the arms, the field jacket in a 52 is cut much bigger in every dimension. For a better fit in the body (especially the length), I would probably need to size down to the 50. This may be the case for many of us shorter folks.
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