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Notwithstanding all of the nonsense it elicited from the other poster, I thought your question was fair. I have the camel version. It wears quite warm, so I typically wear it open except for "cold" [bay area] days. It's also stretchy enough to later underneath and dress up and down. It is usually my only outer layer. I think I might pick up the navy one too.
Inaugural run of the Stephan Schneider "Allure"
For the love of god, will someone please return a size 50 in the burgundy Eidos field jacket? Please??
Can anyone who has ordered a Formosa [Short] comment on the difference in the measurements? I'm trying to decide between the 50R and 50S (which, I assume will need to be ordered MTO)..
For sure. I want to thank Greg and the NMWA crew for making a visit to SF. For those that haven't had the pleasure, Greg is a true gentleman, and his patience and passion for the NMWA mission is quite inspiring. Someone mentioned this above, but seeing the goods in person really makes a world of difference (especially for those of us that are a little gun shy about higher volume buying and returning).Finally, I'd like to apologize for my and some of my friends' poor...
What's the most reasonably early time you'll be open for visitors to the trunk show? I'm happy to bring the coffee
F--k. NMWA goes out there and just kills it for F/W-15. Do you guys accept direct deposit? Looking forward to the SF trunk show Friday...
My sense is that shoulder precision is less important for this type of jacket, that, to my eye, benefits from a little less sculpting to a particular physique. Perhaps your are overemphasizing this aspect -- I would at least try the 52 if I were you. It appears a bit trim across the chest as well (see bkotsko's fit). FWIW, you have about 5" of height on me, but our weight and other measurements are near the same. I find the 52 fits me best.
Looks great. You'll want to layer this over more than a t-shirt. Mrk200's appears too snug.
El Nino is coming to California. Suggestions for NMWA rain wear? I already have the SS Allure, which I think will be able to pull some light-rain duty. Any other favorites from the group? It's CA and we're not likely to see very cold temps this winter, but heavy rains are on the horizon, I'm told.
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