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Is there a San Francisco trunk show on the horizon for this Fall? I've been saving my marriage chits for the occasion.
Terrible quality, but sporting all NMWA except the jacket. Rota, Vass, Farnese belt, Mazzarelli shirt, Calabrese tie
I believe that is true and applies to the garment dyed Rota. I do not have to take in the waist a tad on those.
Shout out to the Rota Beige mid-weight cotton trousers. These are perfect pants. I've dressed them up with coat and tie, and dressed them down with a linen button-up. They cloth is so high quality and superbly made; my wife mistook the feel for wool. I hope more are planned for the store in this fabric.
Edit -- email sent to customer service. Disregard
Re the GRP Bubble stitch crewneck sweater and sizing, if I wear a 6 in the GRP A1 cardigan, would I take the same size in the bubble stitch, or would I size down one to a 5 for the bubble stitch sweater (which I probably would not ever wear with a layer underneath it)?
All true, but the collection of whiskeys and other spirits in the back was a sight to behold. Sad to see that go..
Just got several of my first pairs of Rota trousers back from the tailor this week. My goodness these are the best items I've ever picked up from NMWA. I have bespoke trousers that don't wear as well. I nearly went to bed in the green linen Rota last night. Just a PSA for those that for whatever reason have slept on Rota.
Perforated buttero sneaks
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