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Received the SS Allure "dune" coat as a gift from my wife -- WOW. Photos do not do this coat justice, and I would have continued to sleep on this but for her better judgment. I know (hope) NMWA is still planning the Bay Area trunk show this Fall, but even if they are simply small productions with a few select items, a small road show with sample wares would basically lead to a NMWA subscription where I tithe over my monthly discretionary budget. Do. Not. Sleep.
I think I bought the last brown leather fat carter, on the way for delivery on Monday. Nonetheless, that green Frank Clegg is insane. Damn what a drop.
First request for a modeled shot of this one: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/new-items/p3-crewneck-sweater-in-navy-wool.html
Vass dark brown suede Chukka -- thoughts? Anyone have photos in the wild?
Greg told me that if I am a 41.5 in the Vass F last, then a 41 in the Buttero is my size. Perfect fit. Armed with confirmation of my sizing now, I'm going to pick up another pair, I think.
Just arrived. I can't believe these are still in the store. Greg, your sizing advice was spot-on.
Perfunctory request for NMWA trunk show in the Bay Area -- still possible for the Fall?
I'd like to get in on the brown buttero pre-order. Can I still count on this advice for the new make up? Posting for the group in the event others are interested in sizing details as well.
Just great. So bummed I had to return the last one in my size a couple months back. NMWA please stock this again next season!
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