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You misunderstand me. I'm going to buy ALL of them.
I will liquidate everything for these. Want.
F--- yes.
More for the heap. Project to replace nearly all of my ties with those from NMWA is nearly compete:
Intriguing. Continuing here for the benefit of others who, like me, were not aware of this. So just to probe -- if I likely need something around the 52 shoulders, with the 50 body (with larger arms/armholes -- even the 52 arms are a bit too trim), this might be a doable +/- without Dionisio to measure?
If I could just get him to size me up properly for Formosa MTM, I'd be happy; I just need a little more room in the armholes and sleeves to make it work In any event, please let us know if any NMWA [on the west coast] plans start to materialize. I'm pretty sure I could get a half dozen non-SF colleagues to show up with ease.
Please, please, please someday bring this to the Bay Area? I will host it, we'll BBQ and consume many negronis. It will be wonderful. A dude's dream...
I'm a 51/52 in most suits and sport coats. The OS orange sweater (bought the blue too) fits me well in size Large. It is pretty TTS.
[[SPOILER]] Excellent. Thanks for the follow up. I'm a little shorter, but perhaps slightly broader across the chest. Looks like a trim-fitting L is the way to go.
Awesome. I'll check back.
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