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As another data point -- I am a solid US9. I have the Vass Norweger in a 42 at home. While they fit well enough, I suspect there may be a little extra room yielding a better fit with a 41.5. Unfortunately, those are currently sold out at NMWA, so I await a timely return for an exchange
Win. You have the ideal physique for fine men's clothing. Looks fantastic.
damn being on the west coast...
Camel GRP at the office today.
Thanks Greg!
Anyone at NMWA with any measurements? I'm sitting on an overflowing shopping bag I would need about 13" of denim across the thigh from the bottom of the crotch to the edge seam. Understand if you guys are busy. Much appreciated.
L in Inis, 52 coat. I took a VI in a SS Gemini knit jacket (and it fits pretty trim), but the Figaria fits better in the V (the VI was very relaxed).
The Big John Regular Straight Cut jeans. How narrow of an ass and thighs are we talking? I've got former athlete lower half and am usually in "classic fit" or "straight fit" pants from typical makers. Can someone give me a measurement of the thighs for the 33"? Possibly the 34" as well? -- if they are a bit more relaxed, I can have the waist taken in.
Calabrese + Mazzarelli
Stephan Schneider is even cooler than I thought --I'm wearing my navy SS Gemini hooded sweater today. As I turn to hang it behind the door in my office this morning, I notice something very subtle.So cool. [[SPOILER]] That's not the light or angle of the photo, either. Two different shades.
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