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All true, but the collection of whiskeys and other spirits in the back was a sight to behold. Sad to see that go..
Just got several of my first pairs of Rota trousers back from the tailor this week. My goodness these are the best items I've ever picked up from NMWA. I have bespoke trousers that don't wear as well. I nearly went to bed in the green linen Rota last night. Just a PSA for those that for whatever reason have slept on Rota.
Perforated buttero sneaks
I wear them at least once a week. I dress them up and down.
Absolutely. I'm trying to talk myself out of wearing them every single day. Don't sleep on these folks.
These are the dopest kicks ever.
Drakes + Mazzy
They are the regular straight 12oz. Sized up one in the waist. So versatile.
Buttero. Big John. Burgundy Eidos field jacket.
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