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I have the lighter color, I think they call it Rustic or something like that. Color is close but brighter/warmer in person. But YMMV depending on your computer screen.I haven't kept tabs but seems like 20% off is once a year at Black Friday. I was just speculating about after Christmas.
I debated the Coniston and the Cambridge too and ended up purchasing the Cambridge (I preferred the exposed eyelets on the Cambridge). So far, I've been really pleased with the Cambridge. The leather and fit/finish is good on my pair. Price to Quality ratio is quite high. I can't speak to Loake, Grenson, or Barker but I'd say these AS are comparable to the Carmina and C&J bench grade that I own. I think the fit/finish is really clean (I'm used to Alden) and wouldn't...
These are great! Do you know if they're made by C&J?
Fantastic! I'm considering a pair.myself. How are you guys sizing on these? What I'm reading is that people are typically going 0.5 down from Barrie sizing on the 4497S. Is that about right?
Sorry. I thought I read (must have been in the main Alden thread) that you were ok with Grant last as well. TSM version is on Grant.Frans Boone has Grant lasted captoe with exposed eyelets but I don't think anyone makes the exact model you're looking for.Regarding Enzo, an Enzo individual MTO would be more expensive, probably come in at about USD1K (depnding on current FX rates) but if you can get 2 others interested, you could go the gMTO route which gets rid of the 15%...
2 comments:1. If you're not set on a cap toe and are ok with a perforated cap toe, the shoe mart has a very similar model (without horizontal stitching).2. If you don't have to have an Alden boot (I realize this is the Alden MTO thread), you could get an individual MTO from Enzo Bonafe. They could probably accommodate most, if not all of your requests.
Alden SF has one that's close (see my sig). Ticks all the boxes except for the exposed eyelets (it has blind eyelets and speed hooks).
Amazing collection!
Need some sizing help as well. Looking at the Rider GMTO LWB.Measure 9E on brannock but wear the following comfortably:8.5D Barrie8.5 Viberg 20308 UK - Carmina Detroit, Trickers Piccadilly, EG 202/606Thinking of going TTS with a 9D but wondering if I should be a 9EE instead...
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