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No problem. First time I've seen a hand-sewing video. Didn't realize it was so much work!He's got the Cat's Paw heels but I didn't get them, I went with the cork half sole and heel. For my next pair, I think I may give the Cat's Paw heels a try. You can see what he offers on his site and order directly as well:http://www.drsole2011.com/dr-sole-originals.htmlAdmittedly, part of why I went with him was convenience (we're both located in Taipei) but I've been very pleased...
Maybe I'm not using leather defender properly but I find that it doesn't really work that well for me. My shell shoes/boots still get rain welts after I apply it.
Sure. It was Mr. Lin who runs Dr. Sole:http://originaldrsole.tumblr.com/
My contribution: Alden for Unionmade Nattxy CXL McCoppin NST Boot Brass hardware and Dr. Sole half sole/heel added
Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to give Kathy a ring and see if I've got a shot at them.
I was almost fooled as well. Asked for proof but he was banned before pics got to me. The search goes on for a pair of Cigar LWB...
I sized the same. But I found the Van last didn't work very well for me. Heel too wide, toes too squished. But YMMV.
[[SPOILER]] Fantastic. I never get tired of looking at these, Patrick B. These pics are also the reason I bought the J. Crew PCT. Great boots!
Bureau can ship via Post Office so customs hit is much less likely. Also, the price difference probably isn't $68 since the antique edge color 8 LWB isn't a standard makeup. If I recall correctly, Leffot charged a premium over the standard 975 when they did their last pre-order for the antique edge color 8 LWB. Or at least that's what I told myself when I was trying to justify the purchase
^ I'm really interested in seeing the post-repair results. Very cool! Edit: Nevermind. Just looked them up on Moulded Shoe's IG account. Very cool repair.
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