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As an alternative to the Coniston, you can give the Alfred Sargent Cambridge a look too. I've been considering a pair myself. Forum affiliate A Fine Pair of Shoes carries them. No VAT, 10% off for SF members, and shoe trees included. Will run about $430 or so...
Come on, Steel! It's time!!! Me too! I live in the sub-tropics. If I waited for the weather to cool, I'd never wear boots!
We're the same Brannock size. For what it's worth, I take an 8.5D Barrie, 8UK on most English shoes and wear an 8.5 comfortably on the 2030
That was my exact experience. I went with Barrie sizing on the Van lasted 986 LHS. The strap was super tight and the heel was loose. I wore them sparingly for several months and while they've become somewhat more comfortable, I still don't enjoy wearing them as it becomes painful after an hour or so. Planning to sell them but haven't gotten around to it yet. I've concluded that the Van last just won't work for me.
Shawn - I have the BB model you're considering. I went with Barrie sizing which worked out well for me.
Nice. Great color on these.
I have the AE Chili edge dressing. It works fine. But I've actually switched to using the Alden Tan shoe polish. Works well for me.
Agree with both these guys. I also have the J Crew PCT which I wear with just about anything from jeans to wool slacks. I think the Grant lasted TSM version would work just as well.
Yes sir, I size down one full size for EG. I'm a 9E on brannock and size as follows:8E UK - 606 & 2028F UK - 828 UK - Carmina Rain & Detroit8E UK - C&J 3358.5D Alden Barrie9D - Alden GrantI'm fairly certain I'm not Canadian...let me check my passport...Nope, still not Canadian.
Just to add to the feedback here: UK 8E - 202 and 606 UK 8F - 82 For reference, 8.5D Alden Barrie, 9D Alden Grant
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