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Just arrived this morning from SF:
Same here. 8UK Detroit, 8.5D Barrie. There's no way I could wear Simpson though. Too narrow.
Only difference should be the lining. Sizing ought to be the same.
For your consideration is a pair of gently used Size 9D Alden cap toe boots in Color 8 shell cordovan. These boots were made in 2013 especially for Leathersoul Hawaii and shaped over the Plaza Last. These have been worn in rotation and regularly maintained and always kept in shoe trees. As you can see, they have plenty of life left in them. I currently have too many shoes/boots so it's time to curate. Here is the original Leathersoul...
Damn. Half size bigger and they'd be sold. Beautiful shoes.
Excellent points, guys. My 986 took a long time to break in. The forefoot was too narrow at first while the heel too wide on the 8.5D. I added heel pads to help with the heel and after the foot bed conformed to my foot, they're much more comfortable. If you're in a position to try them on, that's really the best way to go.
I'm also 8.5D on Trubalance. I take 8.5D on Van.
I noticed that as well. Prices went up around 20 euro for shoes, 40 for boots.
This is terrific, Robin! I've been meaning to stop by and will try to do so in the next couple weeks. Look forward to checking out the store.
^ personally, i'd just super glue and forget about it.
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