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^ these look fantastic!
Not mine, but I believe that specific pair of v-tips is from Tassels in Hong Kong and are likely on the truflare last.
Most people go same size on 2030 and Barrie.
Well, based on information I saw previously in this thread, B. Nelson charges $15 per eyelet (or $30 per pair of eyelets) which for a pair of boots which comes out to a pretty significant amount.. If you've already priced it out at $60-80, you found a good deal. But keep in mind that to ship the boots from China to and from the US would probably cost you a pretty significant sum as well. The ~$20 you save on the job still wouldn't be worth it due to shipping cost. For...
[[SPOILER]] how's the price?I am living in China and this will be a good option for me to change the eyelet to brassHe charged me $5/pair of eyelets. In total $90 (excluding shipping).
These Hallecks (older version with commando sole) just came back from Mr. Lin at Original Dr. Sole (http://www.drsole2011.com/dr-sole-originals.html). I originally just wanted to get the top 4 eyelets converted to hooks but he didn't have brown colored hooks so I figured I'd go full on brass. I'm very pleased with the results. For any of you in Asia, I highly recommend Mr. Lin. Once the commando soles wear out, these will head back out to him for some new soles as...
Thought I'd contribute...
Friday ravello LWB maiden voyage with Samurai S5000VX
He probably got them with the JCrew 25% off coupon glitch and that's why he's not trying another retailer.
Yup, I'm also an E width (9E on brannock) and wear the same size on Barrie and Trubalance. We tend to speak based on personal experience and generalities. 80/20 rule, right? There are always exceptions since everyone's foot is different.
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