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Yes! I'd definitely be interested in a grain or suede version too.
Woo hoo! Been wanting this makeup for quite some time. I'm 100% in.
Looking good!
Personally, I'd go with the Skye since you already have a captoe in the J Crew boot and another cap toe in the Dundee.
If only I hadn't just bought a new pair of this exact shoe!
Thank you sir!
I took a flyer on the Cigar Indy Boots. They're a 9D which is TTS for me and as it turns out, they fit quite nicely.Thank you sir!
Great shoes at a really reasonable price from an outstanding seller!
Thought I'd post a recent acquisition here as well. Plus I want to shamelessly plug my Color 8 Indy's that are now for sale in my sig... Recently lucked into a pair of Cigar Indy boots on the B&S forum. These are from a 2012 run at Alden DC. They seem a bit closer to Ravello than Cigar but I'm definitely not complaining! They came to me a bit banged up but a good bit of deer boning, Venetian, some Saphir brown cordovan cream and lots of brushing gave them a nice shine.
Beautiful! Definitely one of the boots on my grail list.
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