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My own experience was the Marlow Wingtip fits similarly to the Alden Barrie.
Would you know if that's the case for Citi's Color 8 Indy boots as well?
That looks fantastic! I especially like how the contrast storm welt stitching pops even more now that the edge has been antiqued.
For your consideration is a beautiful pair of Alden for Unionmade, Color 8 Shell Cordovan Halleck Wingtip Boots (Model 44668C). The boots have commando soles and were professionally converted to brass hardware (eyelets and speedhooks) for that extra bit of differentiation. They are a size 8.5D and shaped over the Barrie last. The boots retailed for US$725 new at Unionmade Goods. These boots have been gently worn but they just don’t get enough wear for me to keep. Too...
For your consideration is a beautiful pair of Alden Tan Vegano calf captoe boots (Model 40714H). They are a size 8.5D and shaped over the Barrie last. These are an exclusive makeup for Portland retailer, Winn Perry, and are now completely sold out. The boots have double waterlock oiled leather soles and mid-century deadstock "Starburst" hard rubber heels. Very few of these robust heels remain with their distinctive design on the bottom distinguishing them from other...
Thank you, sir.Yes, it was done by Mr. Lin at Dr. Sole. It took quite a while as he's pretty backed up with work. Plus I think his core business is actually selling the soles, rather than doing the re-soles.Thanks! Yeah, it definitely didn't help that the crepe wore out fairly quickly. I'm a big fan of the corded soles. They give the boots a really solid feel (although some folks complain that they're too heavy). I think Dainite Logger would be pretty cool. ...
Just had my Brooks brothers suede boots resoled with cork soles. Really pleased with the results. Maybe I'm in the minority but I never liked the way crepe felt when walking. Too squishy for me.
Wow! These are fantastic.I'm after patina on my shoes but now I have to aspire to box patina too!
Mine (shameless plug as they are in my sig for sale) are almost identical to my Alden Ravello. They're just called "Cognac" on the box. I was initially told they'd be close to Alden Cigar but when they arrived they were definitely lighter. I suspect the Dark Cognac is equivalent to Cigar with Cognac being closer to Ravello.
For your consideration is a beautiful pair of cognac shell cordovan longwing bluchers. They are a size 8UK (fits a 9US) and shaped over the Detroit last. The cognac shell is very similar (nearly identical) in color to my Alden Ravello longwing bluchers. These shoes have been worn sparingly (maybe 10-12 times total) in rotation and always kept in shoe trees. For reference, I wear: Alden Barrie 8.5D, Tricker's 4537 8UK, Edward Green 202/606 8UK, Alfred Sargent 87 8UK,...
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