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[[SPOILER]] Very cool makeup, Zenny. If I didn't already own the LS Choco Suede Tanker, I'd be all over this. I especially like the added detail of the Indy stitch.
I didn't realize SF did a shortwing with antique edge. I like those a lot!Can you provide some additional details? What last and from when?
I'm not based in the US but I'd like to understand what our options are as well. While I don't want to make a big stink about this, the exposed eyelets were a big part of the reason that I ordered the boots.
[[SPOILER]] These look great. I'm looking forward to receiving mine but I thought the original specs for the boot were for exposed brown eyelets and hooks. These look to have blind eyeletsCrockett & Jones Skye 2 Wingtip BootLast: 335Upper: Whiskey Shell CordovanSole: Double Leather SoleEyelets: 4 Exposed Brown Metal + 4 Brown Metal Hooks (Similar to the Skye 2 in Snuff Suede)Welt: Storm - Possibly flat if possibleEdging: Antique
Is this what you're looking for, Poly?http://www.drsole2011.com/3070.html
I've purchased from the seller before. Nice guy. Didn't know he wore 8D as I bought an 8.5D from him. He's also on SF but I won't divulge his username as it's not for me to do so.
^ these look fantastic!
Not mine, but I believe that specific pair of v-tips is from Tassels in Hong Kong and are likely on the truflare last.
Most people go same size on 2030 and Barrie.
Well, based on information I saw previously in this thread, B. Nelson charges $15 per eyelet (or $30 per pair of eyelets) which for a pair of boots which comes out to a pretty significant amount.. If you've already priced it out at $60-80, you found a good deal. But keep in mind that to ship the boots from China to and from the US would probably cost you a pretty significant sum as well. The ~$20 you save on the job still wouldn't be worth it due to shipping cost. For...
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