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I'm not sure it's fair to say that buying/holding (or hoarding as it were) is the primary factor influencing availability of shell in rare colors. I think it's more a function of supply (less people eating horse meat) and demand (high demand for shell cordovan...and possibly marketing to some extent). The other major factor is that Alden chooses to focus on Color 8 & Black shell rather than the rarer colors. It's their business practice and it's kept them in business...
I picked them up last year new (but on the secondary market). They were made in 2012.
My unworn list: DC Ravello CT Boot Whiskey LWB Ravello LWB (dark edge) Color 8 LWB (antique edge) LS Color 8 Pitt Boot
Lovely. I've been staring at these on the Leffot site for a while. This might push me over the edge.
I've not seen a Color 8 PTB with antique welt/edge. Closest I've seen is the Leffot Dover with antique welt/edge which comes around maybe once a year?
For your consideration is a pair of gently used Size 8.5E Alden Norwegian Split Toe (NST) bluchers in Color 8 shell cordovan, shaped over the Aberdeen last. These have been worn in rotation, regularly maintained and always kept in shoe trees. As you can see, they have plenty of life left in them. I currently have too many shoes/boots so it's time to curate. These shoes currently retail for US$718. I am selling them for SOLD (ex. shipping). With regular wear, the last...
I took my regular Barrie size for the naval boot.
[[SPOILER]] These look great, Nick! I have this exact pair of BB for Alden boots. I hadn't thought about Dainite as an option (although I'm re-thinking that now) but was planning to go with the corded sole a-la the Boondocker:
Edit. Deleted.
No problem. First time I've seen a hand-sewing video. Didn't realize it was so much work!He's got the Cat's Paw heels but I didn't get them, I went with the cork half sole and heel. For my next pair, I think I may give the Cat's Paw heels a try. You can see what he offers on his site and order directly as well:http://www.drsole2011.com/dr-sole-originals.htmlAdmittedly, part of why I went with him was convenience (we're both located in Taipei) but I've been very pleased...
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