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[[SPOILER]] Thanks, PD. I'll be passing as well since I made it onto the Whiskey Skye order (of course, I'll probably regret it once I see the pics start rolling in...)
How does one become a Tassels VIP?
Not sure if there's a Uniqlo near you but I have been wearing Uniqlo no-show socks for 7-8 years now and have been quite pleased. They have little rubber grips on the back to keep them on your heel. I'm a size 9 on brannock.
I accidentally left a pair of Color 8 loafers sitting at my parents home on their shoe rack (which gets sun). It was a few months before I got them and they lightened up quite a bit. No damage to them that I could tell.
INCREDIBLE price. I can't believe no one has bought these yet.
Beautiful. Where are these Aldens from? Love the brass eyelets.
I hear you. I'm in the process of whittling down my collection as well (I have 30+ pairs of various brands). For me, fit is #1. If the fit isn't right, they need to go. #2 is whether I'll wear them or not given my work/lifestyle. It's a slow process but it's coming along. Unfortunately, I've also still got 4-5 pre-orders incoming. I'd hang onto the Leffot Tankers, Steel!
Rain is definitely snugger for me. My feet are relatively wide.
Fluorescent indoor lighting. But generally correct.
For your consideration is a once worn pair of Alden for Epaulet Alpine Grain Taunton Boots, size 8.5D, shaped over the Barrie last. I'm hesitant to let these go as they're a gorgeous boot but quite frankly, I'll likely never get around to wearing them. I've only worn them once for about an hour, indoors These were purchased new from Epaulet and are now SOLD OUT: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-for-epaulet-taunton-captoe-boot-alpine-grain Here's the official...
New Posts  All Forums: