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Thanks! Order placed
Great! Just to confirm, this is a smooth rather than grain oak calf correct? It doesn't say on the GMTO page...
Equivalent is probably Oak but would have to rely on the SkoAB team to confirm:Here's a link to all their swatches it should look like this boot (upper and other specs):and this shaft:Here's the same shaft in different lighting:
Updated specs and interest list for the Dark Oak/Mink Suede Calway (EG Galway photo used as reference only): Last: 316 Upper: smooth dark oak calf (I believe the Santos equivalent is oak calf but will need to rely on @Leaves to confirm) Shaft: mink suede Hardware: Same as previous makeup - 4 brass eyelets, 4 brass hooks Sole: Dainite Patina: Heel and Toe burnishing Interested so far are: 1. @schmallo15 2. @Beav 3. @mbaltazar 4. @joiji If you're interested,...
Per the SkoAB website:316 - almond shaped classic last333 - round classic last316:333:And just to confirm, I'm wanting to do a smooth calf rather than grain upper. Not sure if that's a deal breaker for you
Cool. Sounds like we've got 3 for the (smooth calf Dark Oak upper, mink suede shaft) makeup. With respect to the other specs, I'm thinking:Last: 316 or 333 (fine with 316 but would prefer 333)Upper: smooth dark oak calfShaft: mink suedeHardware: Same as previous makeup - 4 brass eyelets, 4 brass hooksSole: DainitePatina: Heel and Toe burnishingInterested so far are:@schmallo15@Beav@mbaltazarAnd it will generally look like this:
Any interest in a Calway GMTO with suede shaft and calf upper? Basically like this EG model: Or this: @Leaves - Any chance for something like this? Personally, I'd prefer something like the rosewood color on the second image.
I'm based in Taiwan. Not sure where you're located. If you're in the US, I doubt you'll get hit. Sent items there dozens of times without problem.
For your consideration are several shirts which have been sitting in my closet. All shirts are Made in Japan. All prices are in USD and include worldwide shipping and PayPal fees. 1. Studio D'Artisan Denim Chambray Shirt - Large - Model 5296 - One washed. With Tags. - SOLD Pit to Pit: 54cm Shoulder: 45cm Back Length (from base of neck): 73cm Sleeve (measured from top of shoulder): 63cm 2. UES Hickory Work Shirt - Size 3 - New with tags - $SOLD Pit to Pit:...
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