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Guys - I've been searching for a replacement for my Dark Oak/Country Calf Galway since I sold my last pair due to fit issues. The 82 last just didn't work for my foot. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a suitable replacement because I don't like how dark these recent batches of dark oak look.I have been emailing with Steve at Gentlemen's Footwear about it and he says that Burnt Pine with extra burnishing can get me the old DOAK/CC look I'm after. I asked if...
https://faust-store.myshopify.com/Even though the website doesn't really work, you can probably use the contact info at the bottom to call them or email them.
There's too much conflicting advice here. I think it's a function of the RL Marlow sizing being inconsistent throughout the years. Some people feel they fit the same as the 325, some feel they fit smaller. Both are probably true.I would say to ignore all the noise about how the RL Marlow fits in relation to the 325 and go by the following rule of thumb:Go 1 size down from your Brannock size. If you are a 10D on the brannock, go with a 9E UK on the 325 lasted Warlow.Of...
Early morning pic of the Dundee. Really pleased with how these turned out.
We are the same size.I am 8.5D Barrie. I took 8.5E UK for the Dover on 606 and it fits well for me.
To add some more anecdotal evidence to the discussion: I am a 9E on the brannock and previously owned both the 8.5D and 9D Ralph Lauren Marlow. 9D were too big and the heel too wide. 8.5D were not wide enough in the forefoot but the length was fine. I ended up selling both. I already owned a pair of 8E UK Skye on the 335 last and Lauren recommended the 8E UK for the Warlow as well even after my feedback on my Marlow difficulties. I just received my Warlow today and...
These came out amazingly well. I'm super excited to get mine along with the Warlow in a couple weeks. Thanks for staying vigilant and getting this gMTO off the ground Hoit!
The color on those Naval boots is insane! Were they left out in the sun? Or is that just natural wear and tear?
PSA For those who are 8.5D Barrie, I'm planning to let go of a few 1st quality, brand new unworn rare shell shoes/boots. Figured I'd let folks in this thread know prior to posting them in classifieds. Ravello LWB - Dark Edge Whiskey LWB AoM Cigar Captoe Boot (all eyelets, antique storm welt) PM me if you're interested.
These are fantastic. I thought I saw these a while back somewhere (maybe on Randy the Cobbler or Role Club's instagram..can't really remember). May I ask who did the work?I had been considering doing this to a pair as well and your pics may have pushed me over the edge.P.S. - I'm a huge fan of the Dr. Sole raw cord soles. Have 2 pairs done by him and have been really pleased with how they've held up.
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