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Personally, fit is most important to me. My poorer fitting shoes just don't get worn after a while. I'd go with the 975.
I find 2030 to be slightly fuller than Alden Barrie. My right foot fits fine and there's a bit of extra space. It's quite comfortable. Unfortunately, my left foot is about half a size smaller than my right foot so it's way too loose.Plus, I just don't have the opportunity to wear them with my work dress requirements.
Thank you sir. Pleasure dealing with you as well!
So here's my pair of "sleek" Carmina LWB. Apologies for the terrible fluorescent lighting. Actually considering letting them go as they're not getting enough wear...
I actually have a similar pair of Carmina LWB in Cognac. The main difference is that they've got a flat 270 degree welt instead of the storm welt. It really is sleek compared to an Alden LWB. Will try to post pics when I have a chance....
Terrific news, Zenny! Now the waiting begins...
Hmmm. I'm listening...
These are beautiful!
Simpson is tough. I fit an 8UK Rain but I have a wide foot (Rain shoe fits perfectly, Rain boot doesn't fit) and can't get into 8 or 8.5 Simpson as the last is too narrow for me. If you have a wide foot, Simpson might not work for you either.
Good looking boots and good looking office too!
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