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These came out amazingly well. I'm super excited to get mine along with the Warlow in a couple weeks. Thanks for staying vigilant and getting this gMTO off the ground Hoit!
The color on those Naval boots is insane! Were they left out in the sun? Or is that just natural wear and tear?
PSA For those who are 8.5D Barrie, I'm planning to let go of a few 1st quality, brand new unworn rare shell shoes/boots. Figured I'd let folks in this thread know prior to posting them in classifieds. Ravello LWB - Dark Edge Whiskey LWB AoM Cigar Captoe Boot (all eyelets, antique storm welt) PM me if you're interested.
These are fantastic. I thought I saw these a while back somewhere (maybe on Randy the Cobbler or Role Club's instagram..can't really remember). May I ask who did the work?I had been considering doing this to a pair as well and your pics may have pushed me over the edge.P.S. - I'm a huge fan of the Dr. Sole raw cord soles. Have 2 pairs done by him and have been really pleased with how they've held up.
Typically yes but I found Aberdeen to be tricky for my foot. I am an 8.5D Barrie but couldn't fit a 9D Aberdeen. It narrowed too quickly at the toe for me. As always, if you're in a position to try them on then that's your best bet. Good luck!
Are you looking for double leather or or double waterlock leather?Alden SF has Color 8 Indy in the double waterlock.
Just to add another data point, I have the Tassels Color 8 V-Tips on Truflare. I tried them on in store and based on my fit it was recommended I go TTS (9D). I'm an 8.5D Barrie, measuring 9E on Brannock. I probably could have gone 8.5D on Truflare but I find that TTS is very comfortable without being too big. Give the guys at Tassels a call or send an email. They're really easy to communicate with.
For your consideration is a stunning and rare pair of Alden for Leffot Color 8 Shell Cordovan Naval Boots in size 8.5D shaped over the Barrie last. If you’re familiar with these boots then you know they sold out extremely quickly when they were offered for pre-order. I was fortunate enough to secure a spot on the pre-order in 2015 and paid $725 excluding shipping. They are currently sold out. I am not certain if/when they’ll get made again. I recently added a few new...
Yes! I'd definitely be interested in a grain or suede version too.
Woo hoo! Been wanting this makeup for quite some time. I'm 100% in.
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