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it's perfect for anyone who wants to look like they might be wearing a gimp suit underneath their clothes without all that extra material.
You shouldn't have to pay much, though. I agree that a big part of it is assertiveness, but my local barber charges $22 and I get a near perfect cut every time since I started going there. I used to have the same problem as you, where they wouldn't shave the sides down enough. Switched barbers, was a little more forceful (always have to get them to make it tighter at the top/sides of my head) and I'm super satisfied. Plus I've found that people cutting hair almost enjoy...
Yeah. If you're going somewhere that seems to be ignoring what you're requesting, stop.
this may be out of line because i don't post too often but can you guys shut the fuck up with this entry hip-hop shit and go back to posting fits?
Can anyone tell me how Odyn Vovk's stuff fits? If I'm between a small and a medium (probably more likely a medium these days), should I assume a small's probably not going to fit?
Price dropped by $20. Need these gone.
Dropped the price by $20. I need these gone.
It's bunching up a fair bit below his neck, though that could be because of how the jacket fits.
I grabbed some of the anti-fit W+H chinos off a deep discount before the summer started and absolutely love 'em. The sizing is a bit odd, but they're a staple now.
Both pairs I have (FW10 Plum and FW09 Grey) are about the same size wise, but I do notice the newer pair isn't as snug. Both are 46s, both measure about 16".
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