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CrossIron Mills - outlet mall outside the city limits. Chinook Center - newly renovated with many new shops.
What is the official, "tailor speak" for this suit jacket feature? A small piece of fabric that's turned, and is sewn over the felt. Thank you.
It's probably fedex brokerage fee + duties + sales tax, sounds about right.
I received the classic brown oxford I ordered in December today. I noticed on of the left shoe, there is a "air pocket" between the inside lining and the leather. The right shoe does not have this issue. Both shoe looks fine from the outside. Is this a problem?
Recently purchased a Kenilworth in my usual dress shoe size. I noticed the shoe was bowing (aka top line bulging) pretty badly around the ankle. Is this a fit issue or defect? Shoe does feel a bit long but width is good.
Hi, I am a information security consultant in my early 30s living in Alberta, Canada. I didn't really have a professional wardrobe before my current position with a professional service firm. From the posts I gained a lot of knowledge on what to look for in building and maintaining a professional wardrobe. Prior to SF, I've never been to a tailor for anything other than hemming pants (even that's rare), or done any shoe maintenance. It has since changed. Thank you all...
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