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Does anybody know if any retailers have a dressy(ish) boot in black shell currently? I need a new black boot and am having a really hard time finding anything. Thanks!
Hey Mike, Is the price still looking to be somewhere in the $1000k range on the bal boot? I kind of dropped out of it as I didn't think I could swing that. But as the shoes came in a little cheaper than I expected my interest might be piqued again.
I'd even go so far as to recommend Frans Boone. Sometimes spelling goes out the window when you are excited.
Believe it or not these arrived today. Three days from Holland to the East Coast with complimentary shipping! They are absolutely phenomenal! I highly reccomend Frans Boone.
Gladly Nick... though if you've been all over the web you may have hit many of these. Definitely Unionmade in San Francisco. Blackbird/Ballard in Seattle. The Bureau in Ireland. Epaulet in NYC. Context clothing in Madison. All of these are more expensive hipster casual clothing stores, but Alden's are in among the hipsters presently. Moulded Shoe in New York does some - specializing in modified last. Frans Boone was probably the hardest one to find though (came up...
Thanks for the input. Decided to go for it. One upside is that I have an opportunity through my job to buy the Edward Green Westminster double monk in dark brown for a great price. Didn't want to buy two dark brown shoes in short order so going with the lighter brown ravello makes it possible for me to do both. The boots were at Frans Boone in Holland btw. There are still a few left and I thought the other make-ups he has are really strong. $775 with the Euro...
So I have had it in my head that I want a dressy-ish boot in cigar shell cordovan for about a year now. I am finally in a position where I can afford to buy a pair. Though looking to spend less than $1000 so MTO isn't really an option. The trouble is that I am unable to find a pair anywhere in my size that fit the bill. What I have found is a pretty cool apron toe on the plaza last in Ravello shell. It is kind of hard to switch a year of wanting cigar to being willing...
Realizing that the bal boot is a way for those of us with more limited need and means to get the ultimate basic. While the jodphur is a way for those who are able to get the ultimate "F U" shoe. Kind of a great breakdown for this first foray. But I am going to be envious of those who do the jodphur.
You rule Cowperwood. looking forward to the form
NAMOR,Haha! Glad you enjoyed the retail experience. Not joking to say that I think it helps give you a lot of perspective as a shopper to have had the history.After 20 years in the biz I am perhaps at a higher level than Target. May reveal more as time passes, but suffice it to say that I have the possibility to get some pretty good stuff at discount so it says a lot about these boots that I am willing to consider plumping for full retail!
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