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Post measurements when you have them - this is on my christmas list.
Looking for a pair of mens wool Margiela gloves in size Large. If anyone has a pair they are willing to part with, let me know. Thanks all.
Great boots and very good price.
Anyone willing to proxy?Need some fat boy anti-fit chinos and shorts.
Fuck, where were you guys earlier in the week? I just paid someone for a 15% off coupon code. Vagazzilles.
Nice DM..F last? Yes, I really like the oxblood, prefer over bordeaux. For my casual DM, I had a pair of Lobb William that had the commando sole and they looked great. Was thinking brown with commando on F last, which has a more rounded casual toe whilst not as bulky as the Peter. I dont want to risk it though in case it looks pants...I wish there was a Vass virtual mockup app
Bought these from SF but they are half a size to large for me. Wolfsons from Paul Stuart, US11.5D. I did not wear these outside, looks like only worn once. They are made by Grenson, from their Masterpiece line, which are superbly made and on par with my Edward Green shoes from a build perspective. $195 shipped anywhere in the world using 3 day DHL express. DROP TO $175 shipped! Final drop $150 shipped globally. Beautiful shoes and a steal at this price.
More closet cleaning. Grenson Fred tan brogue boots. US11D / UK10G Worn twice. Minimal wear, fantastic condition. $175 shipped anywhere in the world using 3 day DHL express.
Closet cleaning my shoes, have a pair of new, unworn Barker brogued captoes in tan. UK 10E which is an 11D US. New and unworn, leather soles. Photos below. $145 shipped anywhere in the world using 3 day DHL express. DROP TO $125 shipped! $115 shipped globally. Steal guys!
SOLD! Bit of a story here. Bought these new a few months. Unfortunately the stitching was coming loose on one of the lace flaps (?). So I took to a cobbler in Otley, UK who "works on Lobbs" and used to "refurbish Allen Edmonds"... In good hands, I thought. So the shoes were returned, but he also decided to "re enforce" the other 3 zones with additional stitching.. They dont look terrible, it's only because I'm a completely anal twat, and dont like to wear anything...
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