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I just prematurely impulsed.
It is where I am..
Namor, is SFSHOES a code? It doesn't work for me.
Amen, Mauro. I like you. Happy thanksgiving dude. Just remember, for every twat dissing you, there are thousands who appreciate your work.
They do, yes. Was 50% off last time on quite a few items.
How?Edit: magic
Acknowledge, it's a stuffed leather - but at the moment a little too stuffed I'll try the reno and a stiff brush - see if that helps. May post some before and afters.
I have a pair of natural CXL LWBs that I want to strip back to the base and re-oil/grease. I know natural CXL is supposed to develop a worn patina over time, but these have been "over-smeared" with grease/neatsfoot oil and the built up layers are quite dirty in places. Is is possible to strip away as much of the surface layers as possible and re-oil? When I run my nail over the leather, you can see the original color below. I dont want to go overly harsh on them - any...
Well, I have ordered my double monks - 6 weeks to go.
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