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SOLD!Says it all in the title! New and unworn on the New Peter last. Unfortunately, after having these beautiful shoes made for me by the wonderful artisans at Vass, I have decided to sell them to someone who they will fit properly. They are half a size to large for me, and I hate using insoles to make my shoes work. They are a EU44.5 - I am a stock US11D and as such they should fit a US11.5D. It's a gorgeous dark whiskey cordovan, no creasing (as shoes not walked in)...
My Vass DMs just landed in my office.. F*** me, they're beautiful! Pics to follow.
I fucking love this thread.
Thought this started today...in store only?
Fuck, I've just bought 4 pairs of GATs.
I just prematurely impulsed.
It is where I am..
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