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SOLD! Bit of a story here. Bought these new a few months. Unfortunately the stitching was coming loose on one of the lace flaps (?). So I took to a cobbler in Otley, UK who "works on Lobbs" and used to "refurbish Allen Edmonds"... In good hands, I thought. So the shoes were returned, but he also decided to "re enforce" the other 3 zones with additional stitching.. They dont look terrible, it's only because I'm a completely anal twat, and dont like to wear anything...
So will be buying a Vass double monk in calf. I want to wear it casually, but with the option to dress up. I cant decide between oxblood, dark cognac or brown. Does anyone have an opinion as to which colour would suit the majority of looks...thinking brown but it just sounds boring. Was also thinking of getting the rubber vibram commando sole..anyone have a pair of vass with this sole?
Vass double monks. F or U last? Am thinking of F on a commando sole..like the Lobb William on their commando equivalent. I sold a pair recently (Lobb), loved the style/sole combo... they were just too large for me. Is this sacrilege?
I'll take 'em. I took 'em.
PayPal ready to go, looking to buy an active TBS coupon code. Let me know asap, thanks guys and gals.
Looking for CP achilles low, any of the variants - in a EU 44. OR Buttero Tanino - EU 44 New only please.
Looking to buy a pair of new MMM GATs in a 44 Prefer white or creme. Hopefully someone who snagged a pair in the recent sales wants to let them go.
I'm heading back to Sydney for a few weeks later next week, I can post to Aussie customers when on the ground. For other customers, will post airmail with tracking. I live in Saudi. 100ml bottle, bought in Oman airport Amouage shop. Only 1 spray, decided it's not for me. Cost over $250, looking for a quick sale at $185 shipped. [=][/]
Yesterday, L'Occitane Eau des Baux Today, Guerlain vetiver Tomorrow, Pure Malt or Coffee - depends on how much I sup tonight
Ah, ok.
New Posts  All Forums: