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that there's a nice piece of lizard ass
is that the spike lee edition? Classic G shock right there - best of the bunch.
Wilton, got ya. I hear it was a dry town until last month when they opened a bar - sweet jesus I'm going to be in heaven. With HS girls. And my wife. With a camera.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby John Carpenter's 1982 version of The Thing Brilliant film. Brilliant music.
The first film to make me cack my undies was "The Fog" - watched in a dark room, curtains closed, me and my mate both holding back the tag nuts. I also squeezed out a few maltezers watching the exorcist. I was living in California at the time, was a dark and windy night, wind chimes gently clanging in the breeze. I went to bed with a hammer that night.
I'm off to see my sis in Milton, CT this Christmas (or is is Wilton, I don't give a shit, they all look the same to me). What can I do there to get shitfaced outside of the familial home?
Big fan of beez neez, back in Sydney I used to knock a few of these back now and then - nice, sweet and refreshing.
photos please
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Sounds great! Any pics? See what I can dig up, it's back in the UK right now and I'm in a desert somewhere. Best little runner I ever had.
I'm working in the ME where it's dry as a nuns nasty - last night the missus and I went to a party at a local compound and had...wait for it...a pint of becks and a few glasses of aussie shiraz. Not posh, but damn...better than the home brew shit I've been drinking for the last 12 months. Best swill ever.
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