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Still got my 62 mini cooper, blue and white stripes, slightly domed left arch after I forgot to tighten the nuts on the wheel after changing it...ping! skreaaaak! Oh shit.
A modern classic - one of my grail watches. Good luck with the sale.
good deal! will take ties 2 and 18 (with the freebee DKNY...) PM sent. Thanks.
pm sent re cashmere tie, thanks.
Sure, agree now - it was just the way the story unfolded which aroused my suspicions.
interesting to see a reply from a seasoned forum member, this looked/looks like a plain old knock off / fake scam. Maybe I'm a little too cynical - but new member, posts hundreds of frames, then several other new members reply enthusiastically, supporting the seller? Bah humbug.
Making my missus a ring, and need 44 small 0.05 CT (5 point) round diamonds. Minimum VS2, G-I. Can anyone help or know of a reputable dealer? I'm in Saudi atm, so need a trustworthy individual.
ok, looks like I need to loosen up a little...looking at $80 shipped? acne/nudie etc - something clean, plain and regular fitting.
pm re rb3025 ray bans, thanks.
I'll take the 36W last pair, thanks. Will pm you.
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