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Sure, agree now - it was just the way the story unfolded which aroused my suspicions.
interesting to see a reply from a seasoned forum member, this looked/looks like a plain old knock off / fake scam. Maybe I'm a little too cynical - but new member, posts hundreds of frames, then several other new members reply enthusiastically, supporting the seller? Bah humbug.
Making my missus a ring, and need 44 small 0.05 CT (5 point) round diamonds. Minimum VS2, G-I. Can anyone help or know of a reputable dealer? I'm in Saudi atm, so need a trustworthy individual.
ok, looks like I need to loosen up a little...looking at $80 shipped? acne/nudie etc - something clean, plain and regular fitting.
pm re rb3025 ray bans, thanks.
I'll take the 36W last pair, thanks. Will pm you.
Looking for plain blue jeans, no fancy stitching, pockets or dangly bits. New or pre-worn, decent brand, fit wise - boot or standard, not skinny. Will be shipped to Saudi. $80 max all up (tight, I know ). Thanks chaps.
singlechange - thanks for the nice ties.
Frenchy is a good 'un - excellent communication, good shipping rates (to Saudi) and nice stuff. Sorted a problem out immediately.
measurements would be useful, thanks.
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