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Big fan of beez neez, back in Sydney I used to knock a few of these back now and then - nice, sweet and refreshing.
photos please
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Sounds great! Any pics? See what I can dig up, it's back in the UK right now and I'm in a desert somewhere. Best little runner I ever had.
I'm working in the ME where it's dry as a nuns nasty - last night the missus and I went to a party at a local compound and had...wait for it...a pint of becks and a few glasses of aussie shiraz. Not posh, but damn...better than the home brew shit I've been drinking for the last 12 months. Best swill ever.
Still got my 62 mini cooper, blue and white stripes, slightly domed left arch after I forgot to tighten the nuts on the wheel after changing it...ping! skreaaaak! Oh shit.
A modern classic - one of my grail watches. Good luck with the sale.
good deal! will take ties 2 and 18 (with the freebee DKNY...) PM sent. Thanks.
pm sent re cashmere tie, thanks.
Sure, agree now - it was just the way the story unfolded which aroused my suspicions.
interesting to see a reply from a seasoned forum member, this looked/looks like a plain old knock off / fake scam. Maybe I'm a little too cynical - but new member, posts hundreds of frames, then several other new members reply enthusiastically, supporting the seller? Bah humbug.
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