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I have one of these, had it for many a year and it's still a great camera. Wife wants an upgrade (camera, not me) but I just cant let go - still quality..great price.
Bloody great watch - love the power reserve
Someone needs to pay this chap a visit, and politely explain why he was such a bad boy. Then **** the **** out of him.
Pacifically, skellington, specicivity
Thanks for the replies fellas, I'll just have to lose some weight.
any thoughts? There is a good 1.5 inches to let out - just not sure about the advice from the tailor (who is a bit of a hack)
16-20, then 24-27 (PhD, lecturing etc)
For accurate co*k measurements, a button attached to a paper-clip makes an ideal miniature trundle wheel.
Hi, I bought a pair of slim fitting 36 waist mabitex (cotton) - they are made of a very nice, but thin, material. I've put on a couple of kegs, and took them to the tailor to be let out - albeit only a fraction. Tailor indicated it would not be viable, as the old stitching holes would be visible and would probably tear after a few washes/wears. I'm no expert so I have to put it to you guys - does this seem right? Thanks
Love the smell of oud - quite powerful and can be worn by men or women...just picked up some oud oil - potent stuff but very unique.
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